Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well I've been busy...being busy :)

I'm finding it really difficult to get a chance to indulge in a moment of blogging. 

It's bad enough that I have to contest the kids for a turn on the computer (yeah, we ONLY have one pc in this house...lava i le kasi) but when i do get my turn on the computer I am too buggered to get into the 'zone' - AND it doesn't help that I usually have a gorgeous and oh so darn demanding 5 month old pepi that NEEDS me to be holding her - ONE HAND TYPING so isn't my thing *sigh*

I've wanted to blog so much during the past two weeks but just haven't found the moment.

There was the time last week that I dropped my 13yr old son off to his Waka Ama training and Mr 9 wanted to know if cars could go UP Mt Wellington..."Sure...let's go..."

Oh Em Gee if I didn't have a friggan PANIC ATTACK going UP!!  Seriously...I must be stressed the FARK OUT cos what usually wouldn't faze me, managed to FREAK me the FARK OUT!!  As I began the drive UP all I could see was green grass hillside on my left, the road I was driving on directly in front of me winding up steeply...and absolutely NOTHING on my right!!  And that's what freaked me out!!  It just seemed like I was literally driving on the absolute sheer EDGE of a wrong turn and BOOM we would have ROLY POLY'ed down that hill...So anyway...

my breathing became short and shallow!!  
My hands began to go clammy!
The car S L O W E D right down to a crawl...
at one stage I wanted to stop the car and call hubby to drive us the rest of the way up (LMFAO I can laugh about that now!)
But I kept going.  I cupped my right hand around my right eye like a blinker on a horse LMFAO to block out the 'edge of the world' that I was seeing.... no good, cos all I could see was green grass on my left and endless blue sky...
Half way up I began to cry hysterically!!!  Screaming that "I Hate this!!  I DON'T want to do this!!  I HATE IT I HATE IT!!!

We finally get to the top - after what must have been only 3 mins...if I wasn't so mental I could have drivin up in prolly 40 seconds LMFAO.

So we get to the top - by now the kids are CRACKING UP AT ME!!  The lil SHITES!!  I'm having a full blown PANIC ATTACK and they think it's the funniest thing ever!  Miss 16 even says she wishes she had her phone on her so she could record me and put it on youtube!! 

So I breath D E E P...and S L O W...I recover.

We get out of the car, walk around, enjoy the view lol...get back in the car and leave.

The drive DOWN the hill was a non-event.

The other thing I have wanted to blog about was this bloody hassle I've had with the Doc to get some "Special Authority Number' so that I could get govt subsidy for my baby's formula. 

Micky Mouse could have done a better job than the Doc.  It all started around 6wks ago when I tried to get baby onto a bottle...tried the regular formula...she broke out in hives...I went to the doc and asked whether he  recommended a Soy based formula or a Goats milk formula...he said to try a Formula for 'sensitive' skin.  I didn't know there was one.  So off the supermarket...I couldn't find one for 'sensitive skin'.  So I called the company that makes the formula if they had a sample size of formula for Sensitive Skin, as I didn't want to buy a whole can just to find that she had an allergy to that too.  Anyway, I get talking with the lady and she said it sounded like baby had a Dairy Protein Intolerance and that I should put her onto Pepti Junior Gold, that I needed the doc to prescribe for the mean time, the doc can call her, give her the 'ok' and they would send me a can free of charge to try...
I went back to breastfeeding that day, and the next, but it just seemed that baby wasn't getting enough from me, and after a couple of days and still no can of Pepti Gold, I went to the supermarket and bought a can of Soy based formula.  Within 24 of her having the she was having tummy cramps every 30mins or I stopped that and went back to 'boob' and 24 later she was 'ok' again.  A day later and finally the can of Pepti arrived at my door step...blessing from above I swear - twas the worst weekend ever wasn't happy, seems hungry, I was upset, tired...

So I gave her a bottle of Pepti and she didn't react...NO hives NO tummy cramps.  YAY.
Next day off to the docs...I asked him for a script for the Pepti.  He gave me one.  I went to the pharmacy and OH EM GEE if the SMALL 450gm can is NOT subsidised at all...and costs $30 a can.  She'd go through 2.5 cans a I was looking at $75 a week just for formula.  Anyway, the pharmacist says that if I had a 'Special Authority Number' the formula would be FULLY subsidised.  So back to the doc I went to ask for this number...

He applies for it...said it would take 4 days.
In the mean time I ask him for a script for more pepti so I can at least claim back 80% of the cost through our medical insurance.  He said he couldn't write a script cos he had applied for this number.
I went to the pharmacy and told them what the doc said, they basically said BULLKAKA...they called the doc, and asked the doc to fax them a script so that in the mean time I can claim on health insurance - the doc does so FOR ONE STUPID CAN! 
4 days pass and still no I go back to the doc to see what is going on...apparently he hadn't filled out the application correctly and he had to send in a new application... *this is where Mickey Mouse could have done a better job lol* 

a week later I am back to the docs, still no number!!  I asked the doc for a script for MORE THAN ONE can of Pepti so that I didn't have to keep going back to him, she uses one can in two days!  He said something about not wanting me to pay full price...I explained how many farken times now that we have health insurance and I need a script to be able to claim back. DUH.

Then I tell the doc that baby needs something for her reflux (I swear this baby is the first of my 5 kids to throw up on me several times a day!!).  Since being on formula though, her reflux smells really sour and it IS causing her discomfort...the doc then asks me 
Doc - "Is this all you came in for today?"  
Me - ", I also want you to refer us to a dietitian, this child is HUNGRY!  I gave her kumara and she was fine, then I gave her pumpkin and she threw it straight back up...I want to start her on solids, but I'm not sure what I can and can't give her now that she seems to be reacting to different foods" 
Doc - "you need to read the back of the can of baby food...."
Me - "I don't BUY baby food, I make it from scratch...that's why I want to talk to someone who knows what they're doing"
Doc - "Oh that's good you make her food...but she's still young, too young to refer to a dietitian, wait another month"
Me - "and then what?"
Doc "and then what....?"
Me - "wait 6 months and then what?"
Doc - "Then we'll see what to do..."

Oh for farks sake...honestly...I said thank you, took the script I went there for, and left.

I HATE this bloody doc.  All he and the whole flippin chain of docs at this clinic are good for is prescribing panadol and augmentin!  Anything else and you have to PUSH for answers and results.

So today, over 2 weeks after Mickey Mouse the doc applied for something that takes around a week for a GOOD doc to do, we finally have a number!

OMG what a novel...
And so it was the last day of school holidays today.  My younger brother, came over today and took mr 13, 9 and miss 10 out for the day.  Spoilt lil brats!  Bless his heart!!  

Last week I decided to make lil miss (baby) some bibs...she's been dribbling like crazy and I'm not happy with the bibs that are available int he shops...and I certainly am NOT happy with the price! (tight arse I am)

So I trotted down to Spotlight and bought some gorgeous flanelette fabric and some fleece backing and made her a few bandanna bibs...I'm REALLY happy with the results!!  Got a bit carried away...
Fell in love with the baby print flanelette fabrics, so I bought her a few more to make a raggy quilt.  I'm a real 'fiapoko' when I make things, HATE using patterns....and again I'm gonna blame STRESS on this one...cos I made up what was supposed to be a 'cot' size quilt...several hours later, it was finished but was big enough to cover a single bed LMFAO.  So off to Spotlight again, more fabric, this time I planned it properly and measured lol...and a few hours later hey presto...a gorgeous raggy quilt!!

Will post pics later today (it's just gone midnight...will take some pics in the morning)


  1. LOL, I got stressed just reading about your stress! Hope you get some time to relax this weekend :)

  2. hahaha!! Thanks Elizabeth :) So far so good :)