Saturday, October 29, 2011

Summer IS here!!

Well...spring at least.  I LOVE this time of year!  This is when I look outside and get all motivated to sort out my garden that I always seem to neglect over winter!

So a couple of days ago, I got outside with the kids and started clearing and sorting out all my pot plants that I stored at the side of the house as last summer we started to paint the deck.  We didn't quite finish painting it...things came up and the weather turned to crap and winter snuck up on this summer we WILL finish painting it.

I got mr 13 to put the plum tree I bought, into the ground.  Fingers crossed it gives us some fruit in the next few years - at the very least it will give us some nice shade from the summer sun!

I have bought some vege seedlings, hubby cleared all the weeds from the vege plot - HE just needs to get in and turn it over, add some compost and then I'l be ready to plant :)

As we aren't going anywhere (overseas) this summer, I am keen to get mr 9 a watermelon plant growing.  We bought a seedling last grew...we watched it with pride and excitement....a couple of months later - we realised it was a cucumber!!  Mr 9 was sooo  gutted!  So this time around we have bought watermelon SEEDS - no chance of someone swapping labels at the garden shop!  

Will try and get some pics of the vege garden in the next few days (before/after and progress pics type pics)  It's nothing much, we only have a REALLY small vege patch and I don't have the best green finger in town, but I do try and fail most of the time but it is something that I ENJOY doing, so I keep at it :)

Samoan Observer...

I can't help but have a giggle.  I read the online version of this paper each day...MOST of the time it's GREAT :)  But every now and then there is an article that leaves me thinking WTHeck!!

and today..

What makes me laugh is this.. "Mata’afa said the Samoa Observer had no reason to question the validity of the letter given that the person said his name was Misi Matamu and the email address belonged to the same name."  HELLO!!  the email was from a gmail account!!  ANYONE can open an email hard would it have been to actually get out of your office and actually talk to the source to confirm the email was legit?  Talk about LAZY reporting.  That is all... lol.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Raggy Quilt and Bandana Bibs...

So over the past week, I have been getting back into my sewing room.  Have really enjoyed it :)

First up is the 'Raggy Quilt' I made for baby.  Had seen them online now and then...then when I went into Spotlight last week, to buy fabric for some bibs, they had a raggy quilt on display...of course I came home, and being the fiapoto that I am...(and I must have been majorly stressed at the time lol) cos I just came home, cut up the squares, sewed it up...few hours later and hey presto - and gorgeous quilt BUT...bit enough to fit a single bed LOL...not exactly the cuddly cot size I had in mind!!  So off to Spotlight, more fabric (and another wee dent in the credit card *sigh*)  I THOUGHT the pattern out and voile!!!

And here she is, the lucky recipient!! She LOVES IT!! She loves to grab the 'raggy' bits! It's bright it's colourful and cos it's made from 3 layers of gorgeous flanelette fabric, it is super SOFT and mega CUDDLY :)

And because she is at the super cute stage, she is also at the super DRIBBLY stage - I've been shopping for bibs and being the tight arse I am and hard to please...I wasn't happy with quality AND price of the bibs available in the shops, so I made her my own :)  'Bandana' style bibs seem to be all the rage at the moment.  They look good and almost part of whatever outfit baby is wearing, but more importantly, they are THICK, ABSORBENT and FIT perfectly!!

So here are just a few of the range I have made her so far - you can't have too many bibs!!  They are made from soft, absorbent flanelette and backed with a water-resistant anti-pill fleece with a rounded Velcro fastening so there are no sharp edges that will irritate baby.  They are PERFECT!! and I'm so glad I made them!!
They are all the same size

and here she is wearing one :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gawd I LOVE ME a good HAKA!!!

The All Blacks doing the Haka never fails to give me a lil spine tingle hehehe...LOVE IT!!  Not so keen on the new haka...prefer the old one a million times over :)

So the All Blacks WON the RUGBY WORLD CUP 2011 WooP WooP!!!  And thank goodness they did - I'm sure some nut cases out there would have lost the plot and the crime level in NZ would have shot up over night LOL. is a public holiday here in good ol' NZ and while some people are recovering from a great night out last night...or planning to spend the day with family at the beach (ok it's not THAT hot) or at one of the council planned festivals around the country...where will me and mine be you might ask??  Well...we'll be at the inlaws house playing...wait for it...wait for it...BINGO.  Whipp-tee frgian-doo.  Yay to be me huh?

As you can tell I'm not over joyed.  Hubbys extended family on his mama's side are holding one of many of their fundraising stunts.  We can't NOT go *sigh*.  So what's MY problem?  Where do I start? lol.  I'm tired of their 'fundraising' there is ALWAYS something...every week it's 'bonus tickets' then every couple of months its some other it's this stupid bingo, where we have had to buy the prizes and then turn up PAY more money for the tickets just to try and win them back again LMFAO.  Shiet...who's the clever cookie that thought that one up?  Maybe I'm just extra grumpy cos I would rather be home in my sewing room being productive...kailo.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well I've been busy...being busy :)

I'm finding it really difficult to get a chance to indulge in a moment of blogging. 

It's bad enough that I have to contest the kids for a turn on the computer (yeah, we ONLY have one pc in this house...lava i le kasi) but when i do get my turn on the computer I am too buggered to get into the 'zone' - AND it doesn't help that I usually have a gorgeous and oh so darn demanding 5 month old pepi that NEEDS me to be holding her - ONE HAND TYPING so isn't my thing *sigh*

I've wanted to blog so much during the past two weeks but just haven't found the moment.

There was the time last week that I dropped my 13yr old son off to his Waka Ama training and Mr 9 wanted to know if cars could go UP Mt Wellington..."Sure...let's go..."

Oh Em Gee if I didn't have a friggan PANIC ATTACK going UP!!  Seriously...I must be stressed the FARK OUT cos what usually wouldn't faze me, managed to FREAK me the FARK OUT!!  As I began the drive UP all I could see was green grass hillside on my left, the road I was driving on directly in front of me winding up steeply...and absolutely NOTHING on my right!!  And that's what freaked me out!!  It just seemed like I was literally driving on the absolute sheer EDGE of a wrong turn and BOOM we would have ROLY POLY'ed down that hill...So anyway...

my breathing became short and shallow!!  
My hands began to go clammy!
The car S L O W E D right down to a crawl...
at one stage I wanted to stop the car and call hubby to drive us the rest of the way up (LMFAO I can laugh about that now!)
But I kept going.  I cupped my right hand around my right eye like a blinker on a horse LMFAO to block out the 'edge of the world' that I was seeing.... no good, cos all I could see was green grass on my left and endless blue sky...
Half way up I began to cry hysterically!!!  Screaming that "I Hate this!!  I DON'T want to do this!!  I HATE IT I HATE IT!!!

We finally get to the top - after what must have been only 3 mins...if I wasn't so mental I could have drivin up in prolly 40 seconds LMFAO.

So we get to the top - by now the kids are CRACKING UP AT ME!!  The lil SHITES!!  I'm having a full blown PANIC ATTACK and they think it's the funniest thing ever!  Miss 16 even says she wishes she had her phone on her so she could record me and put it on youtube!! 

So I breath D E E P...and S L O W...I recover.

We get out of the car, walk around, enjoy the view lol...get back in the car and leave.

The drive DOWN the hill was a non-event.

The other thing I have wanted to blog about was this bloody hassle I've had with the Doc to get some "Special Authority Number' so that I could get govt subsidy for my baby's formula. 

Micky Mouse could have done a better job than the Doc.  It all started around 6wks ago when I tried to get baby onto a bottle...tried the regular formula...she broke out in hives...I went to the doc and asked whether he  recommended a Soy based formula or a Goats milk formula...he said to try a Formula for 'sensitive' skin.  I didn't know there was one.  So off the supermarket...I couldn't find one for 'sensitive skin'.  So I called the company that makes the formula if they had a sample size of formula for Sensitive Skin, as I didn't want to buy a whole can just to find that she had an allergy to that too.  Anyway, I get talking with the lady and she said it sounded like baby had a Dairy Protein Intolerance and that I should put her onto Pepti Junior Gold, that I needed the doc to prescribe for the mean time, the doc can call her, give her the 'ok' and they would send me a can free of charge to try...
I went back to breastfeeding that day, and the next, but it just seemed that baby wasn't getting enough from me, and after a couple of days and still no can of Pepti Gold, I went to the supermarket and bought a can of Soy based formula.  Within 24 of her having the she was having tummy cramps every 30mins or I stopped that and went back to 'boob' and 24 later she was 'ok' again.  A day later and finally the can of Pepti arrived at my door step...blessing from above I swear - twas the worst weekend ever wasn't happy, seems hungry, I was upset, tired...

So I gave her a bottle of Pepti and she didn't react...NO hives NO tummy cramps.  YAY.
Next day off to the docs...I asked him for a script for the Pepti.  He gave me one.  I went to the pharmacy and OH EM GEE if the SMALL 450gm can is NOT subsidised at all...and costs $30 a can.  She'd go through 2.5 cans a I was looking at $75 a week just for formula.  Anyway, the pharmacist says that if I had a 'Special Authority Number' the formula would be FULLY subsidised.  So back to the doc I went to ask for this number...

He applies for it...said it would take 4 days.
In the mean time I ask him for a script for more pepti so I can at least claim back 80% of the cost through our medical insurance.  He said he couldn't write a script cos he had applied for this number.
I went to the pharmacy and told them what the doc said, they basically said BULLKAKA...they called the doc, and asked the doc to fax them a script so that in the mean time I can claim on health insurance - the doc does so FOR ONE STUPID CAN! 
4 days pass and still no I go back to the doc to see what is going on...apparently he hadn't filled out the application correctly and he had to send in a new application... *this is where Mickey Mouse could have done a better job lol* 

a week later I am back to the docs, still no number!!  I asked the doc for a script for MORE THAN ONE can of Pepti so that I didn't have to keep going back to him, she uses one can in two days!  He said something about not wanting me to pay full price...I explained how many farken times now that we have health insurance and I need a script to be able to claim back. DUH.

Then I tell the doc that baby needs something for her reflux (I swear this baby is the first of my 5 kids to throw up on me several times a day!!).  Since being on formula though, her reflux smells really sour and it IS causing her discomfort...the doc then asks me 
Doc - "Is this all you came in for today?"  
Me - ", I also want you to refer us to a dietitian, this child is HUNGRY!  I gave her kumara and she was fine, then I gave her pumpkin and she threw it straight back up...I want to start her on solids, but I'm not sure what I can and can't give her now that she seems to be reacting to different foods" 
Doc - "you need to read the back of the can of baby food...."
Me - "I don't BUY baby food, I make it from scratch...that's why I want to talk to someone who knows what they're doing"
Doc - "Oh that's good you make her food...but she's still young, too young to refer to a dietitian, wait another month"
Me - "and then what?"
Doc "and then what....?"
Me - "wait 6 months and then what?"
Doc - "Then we'll see what to do..."

Oh for farks sake...honestly...I said thank you, took the script I went there for, and left.

I HATE this bloody doc.  All he and the whole flippin chain of docs at this clinic are good for is prescribing panadol and augmentin!  Anything else and you have to PUSH for answers and results.

So today, over 2 weeks after Mickey Mouse the doc applied for something that takes around a week for a GOOD doc to do, we finally have a number!

OMG what a novel...
And so it was the last day of school holidays today.  My younger brother, came over today and took mr 13, 9 and miss 10 out for the day.  Spoilt lil brats!  Bless his heart!!  

Last week I decided to make lil miss (baby) some bibs...she's been dribbling like crazy and I'm not happy with the bibs that are available int he shops...and I certainly am NOT happy with the price! (tight arse I am)

So I trotted down to Spotlight and bought some gorgeous flanelette fabric and some fleece backing and made her a few bandanna bibs...I'm REALLY happy with the results!!  Got a bit carried away...
Fell in love with the baby print flanelette fabrics, so I bought her a few more to make a raggy quilt.  I'm a real 'fiapoko' when I make things, HATE using patterns....and again I'm gonna blame STRESS on this one...cos I made up what was supposed to be a 'cot' size quilt...several hours later, it was finished but was big enough to cover a single bed LMFAO.  So off to Spotlight again, more fabric, this time I planned it properly and measured lol...and a few hours later hey presto...a gorgeous raggy quilt!!

Will post pics later today (it's just gone midnight...will take some pics in the morning)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

And on a happy note lol...I *heart* Trademe :)

Yes I do.  NZ's answer to Ebay.  
I've been a hardcore Trademe adict for the past 10yrs. Yep 10 long years.  I've been more of a seller than a buyer over those years.

Recently though (as in the past year since finding out Iwas pregnant) I have been a BUYER!!  And I must say, the thrill of getting a bargain is awesome and that folks confirms that I do indeed lead the most boring life ever award lol  From the gorgeous 'as new' (model still being sold in shops for $599) cot and matress for $80, to the 'excellent condition' $30 high chair that goes up AND down, reclines in 3 positions, a foot rest that extends...mate, when I had my first born child, all you could do in a high chair was...well...sit lol.  Seems that these days highchairs do so much more...just waiting for the feature that actually feeds the baby too LOL. 

It's after 9am now, have been up since since 4:30am, don't usually get out of bed that early, but I did today.  I've been to take mr13 to his waka ama training.  Poor boys having to go out on the water in this weather!

Baby is sitting on my lap...I've just realised how great my 'one-hand typing' skills have improved since her birth!! lol.  That's a good thing right?


Gawd my kids make me feel like a nana!!

Mr 13 has a persistent cough and after his shower this morning I said "That's why I always tell you to dress warm, dry your hair, stop standing around in your wet towel!"  He turns to me and strarts snigering like it's all a big joke - and what the hell would I know? *sigh*

Anyway, due to the atrocious weather this morning, his Waka Ama training was canceled.
Some school holidays these are...I still have wake up at 7:30am to ready to take him to Waka ama training this the usual 6:30am though right?  maybe next week I'll be able to sleep in...or at least roll around in bed with my gorgeous 5 month old baby *yay*

So I've been thinking about my role as Mother Hen and how people outside my home see me and my role.

Basically, the life hubby and I live, with our kids is what WE have decided works well for us - and that's all that matters right?  And like a lot of other people we have been very fortunate in many ways, and we also make a LOT of sacrifices that come with having only one income (it's times like this that I can be thankful of hubbys adiction to work hard and that he has a good job that pays well)

I have never really had a 'real' job outside the house and I feel that certain my inalws, as much as I LOVE them to death!! people have ever so subtly hinted over the years that REAL WOMAN have REAL JOBS outside the home AND raise their kids at the same time.  Yeah, never mind the fact that for many years I have made some damn good money selling things online.. but of course I haven't left the house to do that so all they see is me relaxing (who has time to farken relax with 5 kids, hubby and house to take care of?!!) kicking back at home spending hubby's money like it's water...go here, go there when I please...Oh yay - lucky me :/

They don't see the crazy mother that wakes up at 6:30am each morning to make sure miss 16 has a nice hot coffee and something to eat before she leaves at 7am, and to get the other kids off to school, dressed properly, organised and HAPPY for the day!! never mind if the baby's been up 2-3 times during the night.

They don't know that when their beloved son, my hubby gets home from work at god knows what bloody time during the night (he does night shift and is home anytime after 2am) that MOST nights I am up again for him (because I choose to, it seems one of the few rare times that we can have peace and quiet, I heat up his food, hang out with him while he eats, just so we can spend some 'quality time what a farken joke!! 

So the house is sometimes a what?  Did I mention ALL the flippin laundry I do??  I have a huge 9.5kg machine and I do at least 2 loads EVERYDAY!!  I have a vacuuming addiction (WTH!! lol) I vacuum my house at least 2 times a day!!  The dishes pile up out of nowhere it seems throughout the day!   I do it all on my own.  I don't have 2 cousins/nieces staying with me who do feaus for me.  I AM THE FARKEN HOUSEGIRL!! Choo hoo!!  I don't expect my kids to do feaus if they have homework that needs doing or if they choose to study, which seems to be all the time - and that's fine.    I cook damn good, nutritious meals every night except for the once in a while when I am absolutely buggered and we'll have take aways.

I see my role as a full time stay at home mum as my FULL TIME REAL JOB. It's MY REAL JOB to raise these kids the best way I can.  It is my job to know what is going on in their give them what they need to be happy and succeed.  A lot of parents I know just send their kids to school and expect the teacher to teach.  Well not me.  It's a team effort. I want to be involved.  I know a lot of parents who seem more interested and concerned on how their kids do at Sunday School exams than they are with High School exams.

Leading upto Sunday School exams the parents start drilling into their kids how they must do well!  They take them to Sunday school without fail to study, to learn.  I hope they are as involved when it comes to High School exams!??  Annoys the shite outta me when they have Sunday School Prize Giving...the child who gets first place in each class seem obligated to supply a whole roast PIG  and an envelope for the faifeau.  Ummmm 'scuse me - but what does the child get? 

I'll admit that I have prolly lost a few brownie points with my darling MIL...this year, Miss 16 and I have decided that she doesn't have to attend church activities 2-3 times during the week.  WHY?  Cos we both agree that it is too much and that if the church really gave a shite about the kids schooling then they would finish at reasonable times!!  Seriously, they always seem to have some function to practice or prepare for, so nearly every Sunday evening they have either youth or choir practice - which believe me, does NOT finish till around 10pm.  Same thing happens during the weekdays too!!  Well, I'm sorry, but my school aged child NEEDS to be at home. Studying.  Sleeping. Relaxing.  Preparing for the next school day.

All this practice, practice doesn't leave much time for study does it.  And what for exactly?

Anyway...whine whine whine blah blah blah lol.  That's all I've done this post, I could prolly have gone on a bit more hehehe- don't know what brought it on.  Thank you for putting up with it all if you have managed to hang on and keep reading this far LOL.

Monday, October 10, 2011

So you know how on Friday I wrote about going to Otahuhu and there being half the Auckland population of Tonga congregated there for a parade??  Well...there are 'roumours' going around that a Tongan man was stabbed by 2 Samoan men *sigh*  I say rumours cos I can't find any links to it on the Internet...I am holding out hope that it IS NOT TRUE - cos I am sick to death of this bull shite rivalry between Tongans and Samoans!!  And it is usually always little thugs who start it cos they have nothing better do, haven't been taught any better and just haven't been taught at all!!  Little SHITES!!  The version of this 'rumour' I have heard is that it started out with a Tongan woman and a Samoan woman...argument escalated to the Tongan woman beating the crap out of the Samoan woman...then some time shortly thereafter the Samoan men stabbed a Tongan man, who died instantly (I don't know if the two incidents were related)....then on Saturday night there was a huge fight between Samoans and Tongans in Mangere...*sigh*

How terribly sad for the families involved in all this...

It's almost enough for me to want to take the Samoan flag I have billowing from my car aerial (lol - yes I'm guilty of such freshness and proud of it!!) and the Tongan flag decal sticker Miss 16 proudly stuck on my windscreen...cos I don't want my car to be the target of some random moe ki'o trying to prove a point yes, I'm paranoid like that!

Today is the first day of a 2wk holiday for the kids.  Mr 13 has Waka Ama practice everyday this week - then nothing next week.  They have a swimming assessment on Friday which I'm not confident he will pass I said the boy can doggy paddle LMFAO -He's been to the local pools a couple of times...but still, it's a big ask to learn how to do a proper swimming stroke and be able to keep it up for 50 mt all within a I've told him if he doesn't make the team due to his swimming ability (or lack of it lol) then his goal this summer is to LEARN so he doesn't have any excuse not to make the team next year.  He's back from his training today - they had a fitness test today...he reckons he did really well compared to the others, and so he should, he is BIG & TALL for his age - all the upper arm strength/bulk, thanks to his super Samoan genes :)

Miss 16 went into school today to re-do a History essay assessment.

Miss 10 is at her nana's house.  Mr 9 is home with his cousin who I am certain would be diagnosed as ADHD if he was Palagi lol and they are DRIVING ME FRIGGAN BONKERS!!!

Elizabeth M:  I'm in Auckland :) and of course after getting excited about the warm weather - today is overcast and windy lol  Brrrr. Would love to share some lasagne with you :)

Manu Tuilagi taking a dip Hamo style lol   I thought this was funny. 

So today I popped into the cake shop down the road and bought a piping bag, 'cuplet' nozzle thingy-me-bob, a nozzle for writing and a nozzle that is most commonly used for piping icing to cupcakes, all for a grand total of $15.90 it's the start of a little addiction I'm sure!!

I made a double batch of cupcakes (just the ol' recipe from the Edmonds Cookbook) used some fancy foil paper cups.  The first batch were OVER filled...the next batch was the perfect size.

I found icing them a breeze tbh...and with a bit of practice they'll look really awesome.  After I'd iced I almost felt sick at the thought of ALL THAT ICING on each cupcake...there was no way in hell I was going to leave them laying around in my kitchen - with my will power - hell no!!  So I packaged them up and off we went to the inlaws.  Had a lovely chat and coffee with SIL...came back home at 10pm!

Not the best pics...but here goes :)

See half the cupcakes have over filled the paper cups - no good.  By the time you put icing on them they are ridiculously HUGE and sickly sweet!!

I sprinkled pink, raspberry flavoured sugar on a couple of them...

They may not have looked perfect - but they tasted absolutely wonderful!!  Like I said, with all the icing that goes on them, ONE is definitely enough every 10 mins LOL!! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weather is warming up *yay*!!

 Our Sundays are usually spent at hubby's family home about a 15 min drive from our home.  It's a little tradition that we have.  Today was no different.  We didn't stay and hang out like we usually do though, everyone was still pretty tired from the b'day party yesterday.  So we all came home at around 4pm.

I'm making a lasagne for diner tonight.  I have a few veges that need using up in the fridge, so I've put the spinach into the pasta dough, and grated carrots, onion and thinly shredded some limp cabbage into the meat.

It's so warm today...bit of a cold wind, but otherwise I'm a happy girl!!  I love the warm weather!! 

Weet-bix Slice, Chicken & noodle chow mein & Playdough :)

Yes play dough EXACTLY like the stuff from the shops WITHOUT the price!!  It lasts forever if stored in an airtight container in the fridge.

The batter starts out runny...

Then you stir continuously as it thickens...

When the dough no longer sticks to the sides of the pot it's ready :)

  Here is a yummy lunch box filler to use up all the weetbix that's not getting eaten by the kids!

Chicken noodle chow favourite!!  Sometimes I don't use the cooked egg noodles, but I'll just sprinkle in those fried egg secret is in the way I cook the's a quick cheats way of making velvet chicken :)

* You just cut up the chicken to the size you want (I also like to de-bone my chicken and fry them up on the side to nibble on while I'm cooking the rest of the meal lol )
* add whatever seasonings you like.  My staples are garlic powder, lite soy sauce, dash of dark soy sauce, little dribble of sesame oil, good splash of fish sauce and whatever else I fancy that day
* a good spoon or two of CORN FLOUR
* Mix thoroughly then fry at a med/high temp in a cast iron pan...does not take long at all, the juices thicken instantly (cos of the corn flour) and COAT THE CHICKEN keeping it moist...Once the chicken is cooked I put it aside while in another hot pan I place a small amount of oil and quickly fry off onion, garlic and ginger.  Add the already chopped/sliced veges of your choice and toss around.  Add the chicken and noodles...turn down the heat and allow to cook for a further 5 or so mins until the veges are tender :)

Quickly fry the chicken in a HOT pan/wok


Saturday, October 8, 2011

My nephews 1st b'day...

We spent last night blowing up balloons and putting up the decorations at the inlaws place last night.

Everyone is over there already except for me, baby and miss 16.  I want to tidy the house, do the washing and a bit of shopping and get my eyebrows threaded before we go to Otahuhu to pick up the cake then head over to the b'day - nothing worse than spending the day out and about and coming home knackered to a mess house right?

Oh and it's also the start of the school holidays...last term of school coming - it's gone by so quickly!!  Last year of high school for miss 16 next year - just another reminder of how OLD I am getting lol.

Enjoy your weekend people - stay safe :)

Bday was AWESOME!!  The kids had so much fun :) Lots of games, bouncy castle, face painting (Rugby World Cup country flags were VERY popular - and a couple of the over-excited teen girls getting 'Tuilagi' painted on them...Hmm.  Even the adults got into the spirit of things and we had an Adult Only musical chairs!!  Family members from the 70yr old aunty to the couple of ai sososo aunties to the 'usually' hard headed half assed uncles taking part!!

Like all Samoan gatherings it wasn't complete without the over abundance of food - it was never ending!  I loved how the kids were served FIRST - even before the head table.

Everyone loved the cake :)  Hang on...let me clarify that...everyone LOVED LOOKING at the cake.  And those of us who were lucky enough to get a taste of it loved it too.  Cos again in good 'ol Samoan fashion the faifeau went home with the WHOLE pirate ship!!  So we were only left with the base.  Had I known or remembered this common generous gesture, I would have ordered a separate cake just for his highness...k enough of my palagi side complaining lol

I came home early (6pm) with baby and miss 16  cos miss 16 has to get some sleep befor her part-time job this evening (11pm-3am).  Hubby and the other kids are sleeping at the inlaws.  God knows what time the 'kids' part of the b'day finished cos they were still going hard when we left, no doubt the adults continued into the early hours of Sunday morning .  By the time we got home, we were buggered - including baby!

The b'day cake...

...and the worlds cutest pirate :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

B'day cake, White Sunday, Swimming....

that pretty much sums up my morning.

Mr 13 has decided to join waka ama team at school.  Which is fine, but the boy can't swim - of course that's a requirement!  He can stay afloat I've told him he needs to learn to swim asap - doesn't have to be pretty - he just needs to know how to MOVE in the water AND stay afloat.

As he doesn't have school today, I will be dropping him off at the local pools once Mr 9 and Miss 10 have gone to school.

Then I will be going to Otahuhu to check on a b'day cake that I am doing for my nephew - it's his b'day tomorrow and he'll be turning the BIG #1 :)    While I'm there I'll be battling a million other Samoan parents who will be out in force buying clothes and what-not for White Sunday this Sunday *sigh*

Am totally unprepared...and it's a bit of a long story - but put bluntly, hubby and I don't go to church (except for White Sunday pretty much)  The kids usually go with the inlaws...and Miss 10 goes with out fail each Sunday as she is her nana's shadow :)

Anywho...they have a new faifeau and this will be their first white Sunday with him.  This will be the first time in YEARS that they will be doing plays with their Sunday school class as opposed to family plays.  Apparently the Faifeau has been a bit unorganised with it kids don't even know what they're doing...I 'think' it's only Miss 10 who's got a line in the play anyway.  She'll be the only one getting a new outfit.  Miss 16 won't be going, she has lots of study to do for NCEA in a few weeks.  Mr 9 and Mr 13 will prolly go.  I'm not gonna go this year, so that rules Miss 20 weeks attending too.

So yeah...while I'm checking out the cake I'll buy her an outfit.  On the way back I'll hang out with Mr 13 at the pools and see how it's all going great parent aye lol

Just an observation...sitting here getting the kids ready for school. and mr 9 is going on about some kids at his school.  The primary school my eldest child went to over 10 years ago, taught the kids to refer to the other kids by their first AND last name.  So there was never any confusion...this school my Miss 10 and Mr 9 are at now don't do that...hell half the time Mr9 is telling his stories he doesn't even use the kids' name!!  He refers to them by their ethnicity!!  So I'm forever saying to them..."Does this Tongan boy have a name??"  "People have names, and it's polite to use their names when you are talking about them..."  

OK so what a mission that all was.  had a slight change of plans.
I left home at 8:30am, dropped Mr 9 and Miss 10 (who will now be refered to as G&M aka George and Mildred - cos that's who they remind me of lol)  Dropped them off to school cos I didn't have any lunch made for them...then to the Warehouse to return a pair of jeans that didn't quite fit Miss 16.  Had a look around at the baby section, I have my eye out for pram/highchair toys :)  Nothing on special - cos I'm a budget freak/queen like that lol    I did managed to buy a couple of shirts and shorts for my dad (who lives in Samoa)
So while baby was still in a happy mood I shot over to K-Mart - nothing.  Then Baby Factory - of course they had what I was looking for but the at the price I was NOT willing to part with by 10am baby was hungry, so I headed home.  Fed the baby and picked up Mr 13.

First stop Manukau mall.  This boy has been crying out for clothes for a while now!  I took him shopping at the start of the year and  since then he's had a wicked growth spurt!!  This boy in the past year I swear, has grown at least 6 inches...he's now taller than me but not bigger than me lol and I'm sure I could still catch him if I needed to hahaha 

Anyway, an hour and a half later we were done - small dent in the visa card *sigh* but oh well...the boy needs clothes.  We had lunch.  Then off to the pools.  Not many people there...he got in the water - I left.

Just as I drove into Otahuhu the traffic started getting crazy!!  I expected a crowd of Samoan parents doing their last minute shopping for white Sunday.  I managed to find a carpark at the back of the main shopping strip - a small walk to the shops...saw LOTS of people and lots of police.  When I made it to the main shopping strip there was a sea of RED everywhere!!  Loud Tongan music...Tongans of all ages, dressed in red, cars galore all draped in red flags, loud music...apparently they were planning a march down the main road... don't ask me what for...I just checked on the b'day cake - it had just been finished so I got a sneak peek...noice ;)  Had a quick look at a couple of shops on the main street for a puletasi for Mildred.  After two shops and the crowds - I gave up...turned around and came back was grumpy, the sun was in her eyes...too many people...just stupid!

Back to the pools...picked up mr 13.  Came home.

Oh, while I was at Otahuhu though, I did managed to buy a few keke pu'a from Pinati's lol.  I was parked near their shop after all lol. 

Once home I was buggered.  Managed to have a nap for an hour, then G&M were home from school and here we are...le lava le moe...I have a headache.  Baby is wide awake and wanting attention.  We are about to leave to go to the inlaws to see if they need help with the preparations for the b'day tomorrow.  G&M are really looking forward to helping out :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What have I been cooking...?

When I started this blog, I wasn't sure what I wanted it to be about...see I have a tendency to start typing and don't know how to stop - and then I usually do stop cos I start writing about one topic and end up babbling on and on about everything else and forget what it was I started writing about...kinda like what I'm doing right now lol.

Anyway, one of my great ideas, was to keep this blog focused on the cooking/baking that I do...mostly so that when my kids have grown up and flown the nest not that I'm counting down the days of course!! at least they would have my wonderful blog to refer back to when they wanted to cook something that I had made then in the past :)  Only problem is, that most if not ALL my cooking is done by 'eye balling' the measurements and by 'taste' so I don't really have 'SET' recipes I just know what I want to make or create and go from there :)

So anyway, in the mean time when I have remembered, I have taken the camera out and taken pics of what I've been cooking, with all intentions to blog about what I made that day BUT I find it really difficult to find the time to sit down with TWO FREE HANDS and blog.  My little miss is taking ALL my attention and my hands seem to always be full with here are a few of the pics of what I have cooked recently...

First I'd like to start off with my attempt at pai fala (recipe courtesy of Panipop's blog).  LOVE that blog!  I'm more of a 'cook' than a 'baker'.  My mum CAN bake - but she isn't in the same country as I am and she wasn't really one to do 'mum and daughter' baking sessions when I was growing up lol...and now she's blind...well...she doesn't do much baking LOL.  *LOVE YOU MUM*

SO thank you Panipopo's kitchen!! This was my first attempt at making them, so my apologies for the wonky shape...I'm sure I'll improve with time lol and my waist line will improve and grow too sigh!!

I made one significant change to the pastry, I replaced the coconut cream for milk...lite blue even lol.  I just thought the coconut cream would have been way too rich and harsh on my ever expanding waistline, next time I might try adding some desiccated coconut into the pastry (warm the desiccated coconut up in the milk, allow to cool then add to the dough...oka... Mmmm)


Oh man...this one my whole tribe LOVE!!  And who wouldn''s comfort food from heaven!
It's a great recipe to feed the masses.  It's one of my 'flash budget meals'.

Everything made from scratch.  I manage to sneak in grated carrots and other veges believe it or not lol which the kids don't even realise are in there, so don't complain!
 Layers of pure
 Into the oven...

 et voile!

So far so good :)

So my little cherub has been on Pepti Junior Gold since Monday.  This stuff is nothing short of amazing!!  Her skin is gorgeous!!  I never realised how rough and dry her skin was until I changed her clothes last night and felt how soft and supple her skin was - she almost feels oily!  And as a result, she's not as itchy all the time now. 

Her poops are dark green and slightly on the runny side, but I've been told that's 'normal' for babies on Pepti.

Down side...the can is SMALL.  Like 450gm small!  And costs $29.95 *sigh*.  The first can from Nutricia lasted 3 days *sigh*

On Tuesday I called the local pharmacy to ask how much it would be with a script - and was told that it wasn't subsidised at all, so it would cost $29.95 - even with a script from the doc.  I was told that I had to have a 'Speical Authority Number' to quality for a 100% subsidy.  So off to the doc we went.  While I was there he applied for a Special Authority # for me.

By Wednesday though, we had to buy a can  from the pharmacy.  Luckily we do have Southern Cross health insurance, so in the mean time we can claim back 80% of the cost.

Anyway...since hubby's cousin passed away a few weeks ago now, it's made us seriously assess our lives and 'what if' something happened to either of us.  So we got in contact with the bank and sorted out someone to come to our home and talk to us about life insurance.  Hubby already has a small policy  that he took out when we bought our first home...if something happened to him tomorrow it wouldn't even be enough to cover quarter of the mortgage...and as for me...nada - nothing - no insurance at all!!

So anyway, the guy comes over we had a good chat, he answered all our questions, explained EVERYTHING to us...and we are MORE than happy with what we are signing up for.

So of course the insurance company need us to have bloods and medical check - so hubby and I did that today. The nurse was quick to look at me disapprovingly and tell me I was 'OBESE' which is a bit of joke considering she was bigger than me lol.  Anywhoo - Feels good to get all of that out of the way!

While at the doc I asked him to check on our application for a special authority number...apparently they hadn't received the application forms *sigh* so the doc's receptionist sent them off again...honestly, between the receptionist, nurse and the doc...I sometimes feel like I'm visiting a doctors practice in Samoa iykwim!
MONDAY 3rd OCT - Nearly weeks ago I attempted to get my 20wks (20wks today - gosh how time flys!!) onto the bottle with regular formula. FAIL.

Not only did she look completely confused when I put the teat in her mouth...I noticed that she had a bad reaction on her face where the milk had come in contact with her skin. *sigh*

At the same time I had started trying to put her onto the bottle, I had also started to feed her Farex (Baby rice ceral). I made it up using boiled water. FINE. :) But when I made it up with formula milk she had the same bad reaction :(

So last Monday I took her to the her 3 month imms done (yeah I know - she's nearly 5 months LOL) anyway, I told the doc about her reaction to the cows milk and all I really wanted to know from him was which of a soy based or goats milk based baby formula would better to try her on...he said to find the cows milk formula that was recommended for sensitive initial though was "hmmm...never knew they had one but 'ok".

So being the tight arse I am...I didn't want to buy a whole can of formula just to find out she reacts to that I called Karicare to ask if they had samples for me to try, but when I told the lady on the phone about the reaction that baby had she said NOT to use a soy or goat based formula at all. She said she would send me a can of Pepti Junior Gold to use for baby. They don't recommend soy based for baby's under 6 months. BUT to get this Pepti I would have to have my doc call them and confirm that baby needed to be on it. DONE and all good. That was Monday last week. By Wednesday nothing had arrived so I called them and they said the doc had called them but maybe there was a problem with supply? anyway, by the next day I was desperate to get her on the while at Pak'n'Save I noticed that another company do a soy based formula from I bought a can - $24.00.

I came back home, made her a bottle - she didn't like it...she looked at me with the whole WTH is this - what the hell is going on?? lol. But I didn't give in. An hour or so later, I tried again, she was only taking 20-30mls at the most and most of it was prolly dribbled out anyway...meanwhile my BOOBS were becoming engorged!! I gave her a couple of minutes on each boob to relieve the pressure. By around 10pm that night she FINALLY gave in and sucked a 120ml bottle dry!! PMG the relief from me...FINALLY she took the bottle. BUT she was back up at 4am for another bottle - which she took like a professional!! That's my girl!!

So Friday...apart from the odd couple of minute on each boob to relieve pressure...she was a bottle baby...

B U T ...
By friday evening, she wasn't 'right'. There was DEF something wrong *sigh* She was NOT happy. YES she took the bottle but she was in pain! Every 30 mins - to an hour she would cramp in pain then pass a small thick consistency of poo. I kept giving her the bottle Saturday afternoon I decided NOT to keep giving her the soy formula. I felt a bit pissed off...for selfish reasons of course, but that was short lived as I knew her tummy wasn't agreeing with the soy formula...she was cramping all the time and constipated fgs!!

So Saturday evening and all Sunday I went back to the boob which by Sunday morning felt empty again...she was still crampy...and constipated...but I could see a slight improvement in her mood and bowel motions.

By Sunday afternoon though, she was HUNGRY! My boobs felt like empty bags of nothing *sigh*. She was still grizzly - not sleeping well...*sigh*

After not having napped for longer than 15mins all day, she finally went to sleep at 11pm Sunday night!! ONLY to wake back up at 3am and I mean she was WIDE AWAKE!! I feed her boob and put her back to bed, she cried. I got her up, changed nappy - big poo - feed her - put her back to bed...she cried. Gawd!! So I got up, went to the kitchen, grabbed a bag of cheezles...big drink of baby out of her cot and propped myself up in bed with her, ate and watched tv! 30 mins later she's still hungry and still my boobs feel empty! Hubby (bless him) said to give her boiled water...of course I jumped in and said "Would you be satisfied with boiled water??!!" I was tired, grumpy(er than usual lol). So he said give her some farex.. So I got up, made her a bottle of boiled water with a couple of spoons of farex. Luckily I had bought a packet of teats by mistake which was for thicker anyway, 140mls of thick farex in a bottle...inhaled in 4 mins!! She ate like I hadn't jus spent the past two hours with her hanging off my boob!!

With the bottle finished, I offered her the boob, which in true Samoan style, she gladly accepted :) 10 mins later she was fast asleep...I put her back in her cot. I looked at the time - 5:30am. GREAT...I get one WHOLE HOURS sleep then I'm back up again to wake the kids for school...

I woke up was 7am when I got up. Miss 16 was already ready and about to leave. I woke mr 13 up...always a bloody mission with him! I ended up having to drop him off at the but station at the mall. I came back home and to my utter relief, on the deck waiting for me was a package...I picked it up and saw that it was the tin of baby formular!! OH MY UTTER RELIEF!! Excitedly, like a kid on Christmas morning...I went straight to the bedroom and woke hubby up and showed him...poor guy (who was up with me through the night with baby) starts at 12pm I told him to get some sleep...

I came back to the kitchen, read through the information. Made up a bottle for her...and now I await her she can try out the latest formula :)

It's actually quite bitter and says in the info pack that I can add a drop or two of vanilla ess or 1tsp of golden syrup for each 240ml till she gets used to the flavour.