Thursday, October 27, 2011

Raggy Quilt and Bandana Bibs...

So over the past week, I have been getting back into my sewing room.  Have really enjoyed it :)

First up is the 'Raggy Quilt' I made for baby.  Had seen them online now and then...then when I went into Spotlight last week, to buy fabric for some bibs, they had a raggy quilt on display...of course I came home, and being the fiapoto that I am...(and I must have been majorly stressed at the time lol) cos I just came home, cut up the squares, sewed it up...few hours later and hey presto - and gorgeous quilt BUT...bit enough to fit a single bed LOL...not exactly the cuddly cot size I had in mind!!  So off to Spotlight, more fabric (and another wee dent in the credit card *sigh*)  I THOUGHT the pattern out and voile!!!

And here she is, the lucky recipient!! She LOVES IT!! She loves to grab the 'raggy' bits! It's bright it's colourful and cos it's made from 3 layers of gorgeous flanelette fabric, it is super SOFT and mega CUDDLY :)

And because she is at the super cute stage, she is also at the super DRIBBLY stage - I've been shopping for bibs and being the tight arse I am and hard to please...I wasn't happy with quality AND price of the bibs available in the shops, so I made her my own :)  'Bandana' style bibs seem to be all the rage at the moment.  They look good and almost part of whatever outfit baby is wearing, but more importantly, they are THICK, ABSORBENT and FIT perfectly!!

So here are just a few of the range I have made her so far - you can't have too many bibs!!  They are made from soft, absorbent flanelette and backed with a water-resistant anti-pill fleece with a rounded Velcro fastening so there are no sharp edges that will irritate baby.  They are PERFECT!! and I'm so glad I made them!!
They are all the same size

and here she is wearing one :)


  1. That raggy quilt looks so good! I may have to try it out one day...when I finally get around to having a kid :) great job on the bibs as well!

  2. Thanks Betty!! Yeah, if you've never made a quilt before (like me) then this is the one to could always make an adult size one ;)