Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weather is warming up *yay*!!

 Our Sundays are usually spent at hubby's family home about a 15 min drive from our home.  It's a little tradition that we have.  Today was no different.  We didn't stay and hang out like we usually do though, everyone was still pretty tired from the b'day party yesterday.  So we all came home at around 4pm.

I'm making a lasagne for diner tonight.  I have a few veges that need using up in the fridge, so I've put the spinach into the pasta dough, and grated carrots, onion and thinly shredded some limp cabbage into the meat.

It's so warm today...bit of a cold wind, but otherwise I'm a happy girl!!  I love the warm weather!! 

1 comment:

  1. Hi, are you also in Sydney? Can I have some of your lasagne pls? hehe, aisi much. But seriously, I'm craving lasagne now :P
    Great weather today - perfect for laundry. Yesterday was warm but wet - what a weird day.