Thursday, October 13, 2011

And on a happy note lol...I *heart* Trademe :)

Yes I do.  NZ's answer to Ebay.  
I've been a hardcore Trademe adict for the past 10yrs. Yep 10 long years.  I've been more of a seller than a buyer over those years.

Recently though (as in the past year since finding out Iwas pregnant) I have been a BUYER!!  And I must say, the thrill of getting a bargain is awesome and that folks confirms that I do indeed lead the most boring life ever award lol  From the gorgeous 'as new' (model still being sold in shops for $599) cot and matress for $80, to the 'excellent condition' $30 high chair that goes up AND down, reclines in 3 positions, a foot rest that extends...mate, when I had my first born child, all you could do in a high chair was...well...sit lol.  Seems that these days highchairs do so much more...just waiting for the feature that actually feeds the baby too LOL. 

It's after 9am now, have been up since since 4:30am, don't usually get out of bed that early, but I did today.  I've been to take mr13 to his waka ama training.  Poor boys having to go out on the water in this weather!

Baby is sitting on my lap...I've just realised how great my 'one-hand typing' skills have improved since her birth!! lol.  That's a good thing right?


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