Thursday, October 6, 2011

So far so good :)

So my little cherub has been on Pepti Junior Gold since Monday.  This stuff is nothing short of amazing!!  Her skin is gorgeous!!  I never realised how rough and dry her skin was until I changed her clothes last night and felt how soft and supple her skin was - she almost feels oily!  And as a result, she's not as itchy all the time now. 

Her poops are dark green and slightly on the runny side, but I've been told that's 'normal' for babies on Pepti.

Down side...the can is SMALL.  Like 450gm small!  And costs $29.95 *sigh*.  The first can from Nutricia lasted 3 days *sigh*

On Tuesday I called the local pharmacy to ask how much it would be with a script - and was told that it wasn't subsidised at all, so it would cost $29.95 - even with a script from the doc.  I was told that I had to have a 'Speical Authority Number' to quality for a 100% subsidy.  So off to the doc we went.  While I was there he applied for a Special Authority # for me.

By Wednesday though, we had to buy a can  from the pharmacy.  Luckily we do have Southern Cross health insurance, so in the mean time we can claim back 80% of the cost.

Anyway...since hubby's cousin passed away a few weeks ago now, it's made us seriously assess our lives and 'what if' something happened to either of us.  So we got in contact with the bank and sorted out someone to come to our home and talk to us about life insurance.  Hubby already has a small policy  that he took out when we bought our first home...if something happened to him tomorrow it wouldn't even be enough to cover quarter of the mortgage...and as for me...nada - nothing - no insurance at all!!

So anyway, the guy comes over we had a good chat, he answered all our questions, explained EVERYTHING to us...and we are MORE than happy with what we are signing up for.

So of course the insurance company need us to have bloods and medical check - so hubby and I did that today. The nurse was quick to look at me disapprovingly and tell me I was 'OBESE' which is a bit of joke considering she was bigger than me lol.  Anywhoo - Feels good to get all of that out of the way!

While at the doc I asked him to check on our application for a special authority number...apparently they hadn't received the application forms *sigh* so the doc's receptionist sent them off again...honestly, between the receptionist, nurse and the doc...I sometimes feel like I'm visiting a doctors practice in Samoa iykwim!

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