Friday, August 17, 2012

Butterflies in my oka se magava LOL

Today is a good day :)

Miss 17 went to the Bay of Islands on Wednesday for a History trip to study Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  She comes back today.

Mr Hubby-guy went to Christchurch on Wednesday for work.  He comes back today.

I miss them both and I ame xcited as heck to see them safely back home :)

I have butterflies in my tummy for my trip to Samoa tomorrow!!

I called my mum this morning, she has NO IDEA we are going over!!  I called to make sure she wasn't planning on going kua with my dad today.  She stays in Apia 98% of the time, whilst dad runs the shop in 'the village' - mum goes back now and then, like last week for Fathers Day...otherwise she's happy to stay well away from the headaches of 'the village' :)

Anyway, she's staying in town, so that's good, we won't turn up to an empty house.

So yeah...slowly getting much to take ae le kaikai lava pauga...*rolls eyes*

Oh Emmm Geeee I'm sooo excited!!

See you all in a couple of weeks people all 3 of you hehehe Take care...see you all back here safe and sound :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby steps on Facebook...

I leave for Samoa in just under a week.  When I get back, I'm gonna start me a Facebook page to sell my Plus Sized Women's clothes on...

I don't really 'like' Facebook.  Well...I DIDN'T really like it.  I can't remember when I opened my personal page there, but it was mostly unused and then finally deactivated over 6 months ago...I didn't miss a thing :)

Then when Miss 17 went to the US, I reactivated it so I could keep in contact with her...and that was fantastic!  Then I made contact with my extended family there in the US and decided I'd keep the page open...and of course I always had in the back of my mind opening my 'selling' page.

So anyway...over the weekend I became curious of these 'buying/selling' pages and discovered a link to one and joined my very first plus size buy/sell group :)  I then asked other members to direct me to more...I now belong to 6 'buy/sell' groups :)  my kids think it's hilarious that I  talk about this, they think I'm a complete idiot 

Some of these groups are purely for Pre-Loved items...the others though allow business items...anything you like :)  And so I jumped in and created me an album on two different groups...and within an hour I had a sale.  I have since sold two more items via FB...and I am THRILLED lol.

Scared that I might have bitten off more than I can chew at the I also have a few things sold on Trademe and I have a wonderful lady at my son's league club who has trouble finding anything that fits at a shop that doesn't cost less that $200!! so I have sat down with her and I will be making a few items for her :)  So yeah, have stopped relisting on Trademe for now, so I don't have 'those' buyers who take weeks to finally pay for their items, giving ME badfeedback - cos THEY were slow to make payment *sigh*, will relist items while I'm in Samoa so the auctions close the day I arrive back :)

But thoroughly excited by the ease of selling on Facebook.  Can NOT wait till I return from Samoa and start my own dedicated page for my label :)