Monday, May 7, 2012

Refreshed and ready to roll...again...

I've been absent from blog world...have been battling some 'issues'.  As a mother it's so hard to juggle everything sometimes...and for me the demands I placed on myself were unrealistic...I realise that now - and I have realised that I'm not REALLY doing the kids a favour (in the long term) by doing EVERYTHING for them.  YES I'm a stay at home mum - I take that very seriously - but to the point where I do everything??  NO MORE...those days are over...well...I'm working on steps.  Anyway,  I'm back for now so nuff said bout that *sigh*

On a positive note, am feeling refreshed and ready to get the ball rolling again with my sewing.  have had a major shuffle around with the bedrooms so that I could be in the room nearest the sewing room, and create a safe space in there for lil miss 11mths to hang out in if I'm going to be in there working :)

Slowly but surely, I WILL GET TO WHERE I want to be.  No pressure to be Mrs Perfect - no pressure to prove anything to anyone...I'll do things my way, when it suits me :)

Am motivated by some awesome PI women I read about, hear about, rarely see on TV...even the awesome PI women in Blogville (godess...lilydonna...Lani to name a few!!)  And of course, I only need to remember/think of my mum, the most awesome PI woman in my life...her struggles and achievements...even now as a blind woman, still, she blows me away with the things she still does!!

xOx to you all...