Monday, May 7, 2012

Refreshed and ready to roll...again...

I've been absent from blog world...have been battling some 'issues'.  As a mother it's so hard to juggle everything sometimes...and for me the demands I placed on myself were unrealistic...I realise that now - and I have realised that I'm not REALLY doing the kids a favour (in the long term) by doing EVERYTHING for them.  YES I'm a stay at home mum - I take that very seriously - but to the point where I do everything??  NO MORE...those days are over...well...I'm working on steps.  Anyway,  I'm back for now so nuff said bout that *sigh*

On a positive note, am feeling refreshed and ready to get the ball rolling again with my sewing.  have had a major shuffle around with the bedrooms so that I could be in the room nearest the sewing room, and create a safe space in there for lil miss 11mths to hang out in if I'm going to be in there working :)

Slowly but surely, I WILL GET TO WHERE I want to be.  No pressure to be Mrs Perfect - no pressure to prove anything to anyone...I'll do things my way, when it suits me :)

Am motivated by some awesome PI women I read about, hear about, rarely see on TV...even the awesome PI women in Blogville (godess...lilydonna...Lani to name a few!!)  And of course, I only need to remember/think of my mum, the most awesome PI woman in my life...her struggles and achievements...even now as a blind woman, still, she blows me away with the things she still does!!

xOx to you all...


  1. Hi PS! (I don't really know how I started calling you PS when it should be PN) LOL! Hope you don't mind! I've got that problem too! Although I have only one child, I tend to do most things for him and then wonder why I'm yelling at him sometimes to, "pick your clothes off the floor" or "put your books away" or how about handing him his toothbrush every morning? YUP! That was me! Guilty as can be! So like you, I'm taking little steps at a time. You're an awesome Mum, and awesome PL in your own right! Keep it up, you're kids will think the same of you as you do your own Mum! :)

    1. ok - you win with the toothbrush thing LOL. Isn't is crazy what we end up doing for them!?

      lol@'PS' I don't mind being called PS, PN - just not PO hahaha.

      Thanks for the encouragement Aitah!!

  2. Sis.. I think we were both meant to read this today. I thought I would share this with you as it landed in my inbox this morning. LOL!

    Trust Your Kids with Responsibility
    by Pastor Rick
    "Whoever can be trusted with a little can also be trusted with a lot ... And if you cannot be trusted with things that belong to someone else, who will give you things of your own?" (Luke 16:10, 12 NCV)
    Nothing brings out the best in a person like having someone believe in him and trust him with responsibility. Jesus pointed this out. He said the way we grow is by being given responsibility. Luke 16 says, "Whoever can be trusted with a little can also be trusted with a lot ... And if you cannot be trusted with things that belong to someone else, who will give you things of your own?" (v. 10, 12 NCV).

    Wise leaders and parents understand this principle. People respond to responsibility. Kids respond to responsibility. We all need places where we are trusted, where we can grow, develop, and prove ourselves. The only way you can learn the life skill of responsibility is by being given the opportunity to show responsibility.

    Part of bringing out the best in your kids involves allowing them to fail. Our tendency is to protect our kids from failure; it's natural. We want to protect them from mistakes. We don't want them to feel bad. If they do fail, we want to bail them out quickly so they won't suffer.

    But what we're doing is preventing them from learning a valuable lesson. Everybody fails; nobody is good at everything. The key to this has nothing to do with not failing in life; it's learning how to rebound from a failure. When you don't give kids the opportunity to fail, you are saying to them, "You're not competent, and I don't trust you. You can't handle it, so I'm going to do it for you." That approach keeps kids dependent upon their parents.

    The Bible says this in Galatians 6:5: "We are each responsible for our own conduct" (NLT). When your kids fail, don't let them blame anybody else. Why? Because we must all learn that we are responsible for our own actions. That is a desperately needed truth today, because we're living in a nation of victims. Everybody is a victim! It's all somebody else's fault! But the Bible says we're each responsible for our own conduct. We're far better off trusting our kids too much than we are trusting them too little.

    Talk About It

    Are you doing too much for your kids? How could taking responsibility for someone take responsibility away from that person?
    Talk about some of the failures you've experienced in your life. How did they help you grow as a person and in your walk with God?
    Do you think it's important for your kids to experience failure so that they can learn some of the same life lessons? How do you handle this?

  3. Aitah...THANK YOU (needed to read that for sure!!) :) Makes sence - a lot of sence!! Now to put that to practice :)

  4. Hey Goldgurl!! I love the new Nic!!! Can't wait to read more on your new endeavor! Especially the part about designing for the voluptuous beauties! LOL!! Because I got a lot of junk in my trunk! =]

    And you're very welcome!! ;)