Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby steps on Facebook...

I leave for Samoa in just under a week.  When I get back, I'm gonna start me a Facebook page to sell my Plus Sized Women's clothes on...

I don't really 'like' Facebook.  Well...I DIDN'T really like it.  I can't remember when I opened my personal page there, but it was mostly unused and then finally deactivated over 6 months ago...I didn't miss a thing :)

Then when Miss 17 went to the US, I reactivated it so I could keep in contact with her...and that was fantastic!  Then I made contact with my extended family there in the US and decided I'd keep the page open...and of course I always had in the back of my mind opening my 'selling' page.

So anyway...over the weekend I became curious of these 'buying/selling' pages and discovered a link to one and joined my very first plus size buy/sell group :)  I then asked other members to direct me to more...I now belong to 6 'buy/sell' groups :)  my kids think it's hilarious that I  talk about this, they think I'm a complete idiot 

Some of these groups are purely for Pre-Loved items...the others though allow business listing...new items...anything you like :)  And so I jumped in and created me an album on two different groups...and within an hour I had a sale.  I have since sold two more items via FB...and I am THRILLED lol.

Scared that I might have bitten off more than I can chew at the moment...as I also have a few things sold on Trademe and I have a wonderful lady at my son's league club who has trouble finding anything that fits at a shop that doesn't cost less that $200!! so I have sat down with her and I will be making a few items for her :)  So yeah, have stopped relisting on Trademe for now, so I don't have 'those' buyers who take weeks to finally pay for their items, giving ME badfeedback - cos THEY were slow to make payment *sigh*, will relist items while I'm in Samoa so the auctions close the day I arrive back :)

But thoroughly excited by the ease of selling on Facebook.  Can NOT wait till I return from Samoa and start my own dedicated page for my label :)


  1. I absolutely love your clothes on Trademe! good on you! also, when youre back from sunny samoa, theres an online (samoan) shop and they are in otara on saturdays as well, who can sell stuff online, and theyre auckland based...but yeah, facebook is awesome for that! whats the page name? anyhow, bon vacance!
    take care

    1. Oooh thanks for that Goddess :) Yes, I have seen that online samoa mentioned on FB...wondered if they only did actual 'pacific' looking items iykwim? I'll def look into it though :) I'll doa 'big reveal' of my FB page once it's up and published...auola lol. I get butterflies in my magava just thinkin bout it hehehe.