Friday, August 17, 2012

Butterflies in my oka se magava LOL

Today is a good day :)

Miss 17 went to the Bay of Islands on Wednesday for a History trip to study Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  She comes back today.

Mr Hubby-guy went to Christchurch on Wednesday for work.  He comes back today.

I miss them both and I ame xcited as heck to see them safely back home :)

I have butterflies in my tummy for my trip to Samoa tomorrow!!

I called my mum this morning, she has NO IDEA we are going over!!  I called to make sure she wasn't planning on going kua with my dad today.  She stays in Apia 98% of the time, whilst dad runs the shop in 'the village' - mum goes back now and then, like last week for Fathers Day...otherwise she's happy to stay well away from the headaches of 'the village' :)

Anyway, she's staying in town, so that's good, we won't turn up to an empty house.

So yeah...slowly getting much to take ae le kaikai lava pauga...*rolls eyes*

Oh Emmm Geeee I'm sooo excited!!

See you all in a couple of weeks people all 3 of you hehehe Take care...see you all back here safe and sound :)

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