Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Been back in NZ for almost a month...

and I haven't had the chance to blog about anything :(

I hate falling behind.  But I have.  Don't even know where to start, but have bitten the bullet and thought I'd better just post this at's a start right?

atm the moment 4 of my 5 kids are SICK!  Sick with a wretched tummy bug of yeah, and I'm sick too...but cos I have to wipe up their shite and spew - I don't have time to be sick, so never mind me! So the poor kidlettes are not well.  Funny how they all cope.  And how badly, or not each one has been affected.  Miss 16 mths and 'both ends' flowing like a tap.  tbh honest, I can handle the 'pooh' it's the spewing part I can't stand, cos there is no warning and most of the time it just shoots out like a scence fromt he exorcist! 

I hate to think what my power bill will be next month...for the past 2 days I have been doing more laundry than usual and all in HOT water *sigh*

At the same time, when I can back from Samoa, we came back with my dad who is a #1 ol' school 'Handyman' and so we have been making the most of his time with us and have completely renovated our toilet and bathroom...which were like time warps from the 70's!

We have managed to save hundreds  on labour (thanks dad:)  Hubby (who lacks any 'handyman gene' has picked up some great skills too :)  I bought the tiles from a clearance centre, bathrub and pedestal basin from Trademe, tap fittings all new from bunnings.  We aren't going for anything flash...just clean and new :)  I have been most proud of my Trademe Bargains...but of course nothing ever goes smoothly right?  Right.  I asked Mr 14 to take some tiles out of Miss 17's room and take them to where the other tiles were...nek minnit...crash boom bang...he accidentally bumped something that lead to a domino effect and beautiful ceramic pedstal basin was cracked beyond use *sigh*  Great.  Managed to only let the F-Bomb slip out a couple of times....and left it at that...not gonna sweat the 'small' stuff.  Can't get everything for next to nothing right?  Right.  Thank you Mr 14 for reminding me. not 

I have also discovered that I am an awesome 'tiler'!!  Yes Sir.  Hubby 'cut' them, and I threw them babies up, quicker, tidier and straighter than anyone who tried - thank you :)

In between the tiles, sick kids, baby, I have been able to sew up a few orders for people.  Relisting stock on Trademe.  My dad goes back on Sunday.  Our bathroom and toilet shold be completed by mid next week (if hubby had taken a couple of days off work we might have had this done over a week ago, but nevr mind, no one listens to me *sigh*) 

Good to be back in blogland :)

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