Friday, October 7, 2011

B'day cake, White Sunday, Swimming....

that pretty much sums up my morning.

Mr 13 has decided to join waka ama team at school.  Which is fine, but the boy can't swim - of course that's a requirement!  He can stay afloat I've told him he needs to learn to swim asap - doesn't have to be pretty - he just needs to know how to MOVE in the water AND stay afloat.

As he doesn't have school today, I will be dropping him off at the local pools once Mr 9 and Miss 10 have gone to school.

Then I will be going to Otahuhu to check on a b'day cake that I am doing for my nephew - it's his b'day tomorrow and he'll be turning the BIG #1 :)    While I'm there I'll be battling a million other Samoan parents who will be out in force buying clothes and what-not for White Sunday this Sunday *sigh*

Am totally unprepared...and it's a bit of a long story - but put bluntly, hubby and I don't go to church (except for White Sunday pretty much)  The kids usually go with the inlaws...and Miss 10 goes with out fail each Sunday as she is her nana's shadow :)

Anywho...they have a new faifeau and this will be their first white Sunday with him.  This will be the first time in YEARS that they will be doing plays with their Sunday school class as opposed to family plays.  Apparently the Faifeau has been a bit unorganised with it kids don't even know what they're doing...I 'think' it's only Miss 10 who's got a line in the play anyway.  She'll be the only one getting a new outfit.  Miss 16 won't be going, she has lots of study to do for NCEA in a few weeks.  Mr 9 and Mr 13 will prolly go.  I'm not gonna go this year, so that rules Miss 20 weeks attending too.

So yeah...while I'm checking out the cake I'll buy her an outfit.  On the way back I'll hang out with Mr 13 at the pools and see how it's all going great parent aye lol

Just an observation...sitting here getting the kids ready for school. and mr 9 is going on about some kids at his school.  The primary school my eldest child went to over 10 years ago, taught the kids to refer to the other kids by their first AND last name.  So there was never any confusion...this school my Miss 10 and Mr 9 are at now don't do that...hell half the time Mr9 is telling his stories he doesn't even use the kids' name!!  He refers to them by their ethnicity!!  So I'm forever saying to them..."Does this Tongan boy have a name??"  "People have names, and it's polite to use their names when you are talking about them..."  

OK so what a mission that all was.  had a slight change of plans.
I left home at 8:30am, dropped Mr 9 and Miss 10 (who will now be refered to as G&M aka George and Mildred - cos that's who they remind me of lol)  Dropped them off to school cos I didn't have any lunch made for them...then to the Warehouse to return a pair of jeans that didn't quite fit Miss 16.  Had a look around at the baby section, I have my eye out for pram/highchair toys :)  Nothing on special - cos I'm a budget freak/queen like that lol    I did managed to buy a couple of shirts and shorts for my dad (who lives in Samoa)
So while baby was still in a happy mood I shot over to K-Mart - nothing.  Then Baby Factory - of course they had what I was looking for but the at the price I was NOT willing to part with by 10am baby was hungry, so I headed home.  Fed the baby and picked up Mr 13.

First stop Manukau mall.  This boy has been crying out for clothes for a while now!  I took him shopping at the start of the year and  since then he's had a wicked growth spurt!!  This boy in the past year I swear, has grown at least 6 inches...he's now taller than me but not bigger than me lol and I'm sure I could still catch him if I needed to hahaha 

Anyway, an hour and a half later we were done - small dent in the visa card *sigh* but oh well...the boy needs clothes.  We had lunch.  Then off to the pools.  Not many people there...he got in the water - I left.

Just as I drove into Otahuhu the traffic started getting crazy!!  I expected a crowd of Samoan parents doing their last minute shopping for white Sunday.  I managed to find a carpark at the back of the main shopping strip - a small walk to the shops...saw LOTS of people and lots of police.  When I made it to the main shopping strip there was a sea of RED everywhere!!  Loud Tongan music...Tongans of all ages, dressed in red, cars galore all draped in red flags, loud music...apparently they were planning a march down the main road... don't ask me what for...I just checked on the b'day cake - it had just been finished so I got a sneak peek...noice ;)  Had a quick look at a couple of shops on the main street for a puletasi for Mildred.  After two shops and the crowds - I gave up...turned around and came back was grumpy, the sun was in her eyes...too many people...just stupid!

Back to the pools...picked up mr 13.  Came home.

Oh, while I was at Otahuhu though, I did managed to buy a few keke pu'a from Pinati's lol.  I was parked near their shop after all lol. 

Once home I was buggered.  Managed to have a nap for an hour, then G&M were home from school and here we are...le lava le moe...I have a headache.  Baby is wide awake and wanting attention.  We are about to leave to go to the inlaws to see if they need help with the preparations for the b'day tomorrow.  G&M are really looking forward to helping out :)

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