Monday, October 10, 2011

So you know how on Friday I wrote about going to Otahuhu and there being half the Auckland population of Tonga congregated there for a parade??  Well...there are 'roumours' going around that a Tongan man was stabbed by 2 Samoan men *sigh*  I say rumours cos I can't find any links to it on the Internet...I am holding out hope that it IS NOT TRUE - cos I am sick to death of this bull shite rivalry between Tongans and Samoans!!  And it is usually always little thugs who start it cos they have nothing better do, haven't been taught any better and just haven't been taught at all!!  Little SHITES!!  The version of this 'rumour' I have heard is that it started out with a Tongan woman and a Samoan woman...argument escalated to the Tongan woman beating the crap out of the Samoan woman...then some time shortly thereafter the Samoan men stabbed a Tongan man, who died instantly (I don't know if the two incidents were related)....then on Saturday night there was a huge fight between Samoans and Tongans in Mangere...*sigh*

How terribly sad for the families involved in all this...

It's almost enough for me to want to take the Samoan flag I have billowing from my car aerial (lol - yes I'm guilty of such freshness and proud of it!!) and the Tongan flag decal sticker Miss 16 proudly stuck on my windscreen...cos I don't want my car to be the target of some random moe ki'o trying to prove a point yes, I'm paranoid like that!

Today is the first day of a 2wk holiday for the kids.  Mr 13 has Waka Ama practice everyday this week - then nothing next week.  They have a swimming assessment on Friday which I'm not confident he will pass I said the boy can doggy paddle LMFAO -He's been to the local pools a couple of times...but still, it's a big ask to learn how to do a proper swimming stroke and be able to keep it up for 50 mt all within a I've told him if he doesn't make the team due to his swimming ability (or lack of it lol) then his goal this summer is to LEARN so he doesn't have any excuse not to make the team next year.  He's back from his training today - they had a fitness test today...he reckons he did really well compared to the others, and so he should, he is BIG & TALL for his age - all the upper arm strength/bulk, thanks to his super Samoan genes :)

Miss 16 went into school today to re-do a History essay assessment.

Miss 10 is at her nana's house.  Mr 9 is home with his cousin who I am certain would be diagnosed as ADHD if he was Palagi lol and they are DRIVING ME FRIGGAN BONKERS!!!

Elizabeth M:  I'm in Auckland :) and of course after getting excited about the warm weather - today is overcast and windy lol  Brrrr. Would love to share some lasagne with you :)

Manu Tuilagi taking a dip Hamo style lol   I thought this was funny. 

So today I popped into the cake shop down the road and bought a piping bag, 'cuplet' nozzle thingy-me-bob, a nozzle for writing and a nozzle that is most commonly used for piping icing to cupcakes, all for a grand total of $15.90 it's the start of a little addiction I'm sure!!

I made a double batch of cupcakes (just the ol' recipe from the Edmonds Cookbook) used some fancy foil paper cups.  The first batch were OVER filled...the next batch was the perfect size.

I found icing them a breeze tbh...and with a bit of practice they'll look really awesome.  After I'd iced I almost felt sick at the thought of ALL THAT ICING on each cupcake...there was no way in hell I was going to leave them laying around in my kitchen - with my will power - hell no!!  So I packaged them up and off we went to the inlaws.  Had a lovely chat and coffee with SIL...came back home at 10pm!

Not the best pics...but here goes :)

See half the cupcakes have over filled the paper cups - no good.  By the time you put icing on them they are ridiculously HUGE and sickly sweet!!

I sprinkled pink, raspberry flavoured sugar on a couple of them...

They may not have looked perfect - but they tasted absolutely wonderful!!  Like I said, with all the icing that goes on them, ONE is definitely enough every 10 mins LOL!! 

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