Monday, October 24, 2011

Gawd I LOVE ME a good HAKA!!!

The All Blacks doing the Haka never fails to give me a lil spine tingle hehehe...LOVE IT!!  Not so keen on the new haka...prefer the old one a million times over :)

So the All Blacks WON the RUGBY WORLD CUP 2011 WooP WooP!!!  And thank goodness they did - I'm sure some nut cases out there would have lost the plot and the crime level in NZ would have shot up over night LOL. is a public holiday here in good ol' NZ and while some people are recovering from a great night out last night...or planning to spend the day with family at the beach (ok it's not THAT hot) or at one of the council planned festivals around the country...where will me and mine be you might ask??  Well...we'll be at the inlaws house playing...wait for it...wait for it...BINGO.  Whipp-tee frgian-doo.  Yay to be me huh?

As you can tell I'm not over joyed.  Hubbys extended family on his mama's side are holding one of many of their fundraising stunts.  We can't NOT go *sigh*.  So what's MY problem?  Where do I start? lol.  I'm tired of their 'fundraising' there is ALWAYS something...every week it's 'bonus tickets' then every couple of months its some other it's this stupid bingo, where we have had to buy the prizes and then turn up PAY more money for the tickets just to try and win them back again LMFAO.  Shiet...who's the clever cookie that thought that one up?  Maybe I'm just extra grumpy cos I would rather be home in my sewing room being productive...kailo.

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