Saturday, October 8, 2011

My nephews 1st b'day...

We spent last night blowing up balloons and putting up the decorations at the inlaws place last night.

Everyone is over there already except for me, baby and miss 16.  I want to tidy the house, do the washing and a bit of shopping and get my eyebrows threaded before we go to Otahuhu to pick up the cake then head over to the b'day - nothing worse than spending the day out and about and coming home knackered to a mess house right?

Oh and it's also the start of the school holidays...last term of school coming - it's gone by so quickly!!  Last year of high school for miss 16 next year - just another reminder of how OLD I am getting lol.

Enjoy your weekend people - stay safe :)

Bday was AWESOME!!  The kids had so much fun :) Lots of games, bouncy castle, face painting (Rugby World Cup country flags were VERY popular - and a couple of the over-excited teen girls getting 'Tuilagi' painted on them...Hmm.  Even the adults got into the spirit of things and we had an Adult Only musical chairs!!  Family members from the 70yr old aunty to the couple of ai sososo aunties to the 'usually' hard headed half assed uncles taking part!!

Like all Samoan gatherings it wasn't complete without the over abundance of food - it was never ending!  I loved how the kids were served FIRST - even before the head table.

Everyone loved the cake :)  Hang on...let me clarify that...everyone LOVED LOOKING at the cake.  And those of us who were lucky enough to get a taste of it loved it too.  Cos again in good 'ol Samoan fashion the faifeau went home with the WHOLE pirate ship!!  So we were only left with the base.  Had I known or remembered this common generous gesture, I would have ordered a separate cake just for his highness...k enough of my palagi side complaining lol

I came home early (6pm) with baby and miss 16  cos miss 16 has to get some sleep befor her part-time job this evening (11pm-3am).  Hubby and the other kids are sleeping at the inlaws.  God knows what time the 'kids' part of the b'day finished cos they were still going hard when we left, no doubt the adults continued into the early hours of Sunday morning .  By the time we got home, we were buggered - including baby!

The b'day cake...

...and the worlds cutest pirate :)

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