Saturday, October 29, 2011

Samoan Observer...

I can't help but have a giggle.  I read the online version of this paper each day...MOST of the time it's GREAT :)  But every now and then there is an article that leaves me thinking WTHeck!!

and today..

What makes me laugh is this.. "Mata’afa said the Samoa Observer had no reason to question the validity of the letter given that the person said his name was Misi Matamu and the email address belonged to the same name."  HELLO!!  the email was from a gmail account!!  ANYONE can open an email hard would it have been to actually get out of your office and actually talk to the source to confirm the email was legit?  Talk about LAZY reporting.  That is all... lol.


  1. Haha - sounds like someone pulled off a prank and the joke is on Samoa Observer. Malie fo'i faiga a Misi. Observer probably thought it was too juicy a story to pass up on, lol.

  2. lol - yep - someone somewhere is having a really good laugh!!