Monday, November 28, 2011

Random Weekend Pics...

So we had the NZ Elections this weekend just gone...I hope all you NZders voted!! :)  It's just sooo easy to do, there were bugger all people there when I went in at lunch time...I was in and out of there in 5mins! I just can't understand why so many people don't 'bother' to vote :/

So this is where I went to cast my vote...a local Mormon Temple up the's a couple of years old, I'm not Mormon, so not sure about other Temples, but this one is HUGE and really gorgeous...the buildings, the landscape...but most of all - the view!!  

On my way through Manukau, at the busiest intersection in NZ (It's a fact I read it in a newspaper lol) what do you think I saw??  

Neat huh? lol.  There was a guy at each corner with a sandwich board :)  I went to see their show about 7 years ago (I think it was 7 brain has gone to mush since having baby *sigh*)  I thought it was really neat!!  

Then driving through Papatoetoe I saw this...
Now call me 'Nana' but I don't think that is legal!  At least put the kid in front of you if ya gonna drive around busy streets!!  I did think it was awfully cute - maybe it was just the paranoid mum in me that could just see the kid letting go to wipe his nose and whoops...anyway, I bet the kid had a blast!!  

And of course my I can't add random pics on my blog without putting one up of my lil side kick!!  So here she is, she's just moved out of her baby capsule and into her big girl carseat.  I hate this bloody carseat.  There were only two options to choose from as I didn't want the kind of seat that needs to have the bolt clip thingy...the other carseat I could have chosen, needed a longer seat belt!!  So i was left with this stupid car seat!!  Man, things have changed since I had my other kiddies...threading the belt through this was almost as bad as threading my flippin overlocker!  She sits so darn high in it - it's as if she's riding an elephant! lol.  It JUST fits in the back of the doesn't fit in the front - I'm gutted cos I LOVE having her next to me!  But  I had this yellow dragon mirror, and it's great I can see her through my rear view mirror *BIG SMILE!!*  And most of the time, she is always looking back at me...she LOVES me!!

 Tomorrow fingers crossed I have the time to I have LOTS of PICS to share of a trip the kids and I took to one of the local beaches!!

Hubby went to Australia on Sunday morning with his brothers and Mr 13 went to a school camp.  This was his very first school camp ever and he was REALLY excited to go.  There were only 10 boys selected to attend...and the teacher taking them encouraged the families to go up with them if they wanted...either to sleep or just for the day.

So I decided to take the kids for a drive...much to Mr 13's horror - he said I was "Embarrassing"  How rude!!  Embarrassing parents don't fork out money for a camp mr!!

Anyway, we HARDLY EVER go out and do things as a family and we sure as heck don't go for long drives and take in what this beautiful country has to I thought, bugger you Mr 13 - I'm coming up whether you like it or not!

And so we did.  

I dropped him off to school on Sunday morning...told his teacher we would see them later in the day :)  Came back home and packed our lil car and off we went :)

1 hour out of Auckland and here is a sneak peak and where we went :)

Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend and a fantastic start to their week!!


  1. Oh my goodness I was thinking the same thing of the picture you had posted above ^ of that young kid on the back.. "at least put him in the front!". That's one crazy parent and one brave kid!.