Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gorgeous day out with the kiddies...

Spent the day watching mr 13's Waka Ama Sprint comps at Orakei Basin was overcast - but perfect...not too hot, not too cold.  

Not much to say for once!! just lots of pics to share :)
I love my baby's feet...lil faddy!!

This photo does NOT do this place justice - the scene  was really gorgeous!!

Mr 13 giving lil sister a kiss before he went out on the water...he truly adores her!! (Miss 16 holding lil sister :)

.And another lil squeeze of the cheeks before he went out *nawwww*

My big girl and lil girl :)

Completely random pic of the houses directly on the waterfront...lucky farkers!!

Out they go...

Yeah, so 'scuse the smiley 13 absolutely forbade me from putting his mug shot up here, so to protect his identity (fefe ia ki'o) here is the compromise!

Mr 9 just itching to jump in!

It's all good fun for some!!

And that's it folks!!  A lovely day out in Akarana!!


  1. awwwww.... the pics are soooo cute! Glad you had a nice time. They grow so fast!

  2. Thanks Aitah :) Yes, they grow TOO FAST for my liking!!