Friday, November 4, 2011

Grrrr teenage boys!!

Finally gave in and bought my son a brand new Snap Back hat for what I consider a small fortune for a friggan cap!!) and less that one week after getting in the post, it's been STOLEN.

All last week I told him - "don't wear it to schoolwhere else is the guy supposed to wear it too?  Bed for all I care! " - but did he listen??  Nope - cos I don't know shite. 

Then when I picked him up from his waka ama training this evening, I asked him where it was, his reply "Someone stole it from my bag at waka ama last Friday"

FARK me.  Fark that and fark the lil farker that stole it!!

Then low and behold, he's on facebook and guess who is wearing an identical cap and yeah I KNOW his cap isn't the only one in the entire world, but our 'world' isn't very big and I know this boy VERY WELL, same school, same friggan family and I just KNOW it's my son's hat!!....*sigh* who's wearing it, hubby's nephew...
Grrr I'm just friggan venting right now...sick of kids that can't afford to buy their own shite, have to steal off others, pass it around, sell it off, whatever the hell else they do at that school!  I hope he gets nits and his balls fall off!


  1. hahaha - sorry but i had to laugh.
    ...okegia lelei le kama - for all you know, he might have given it to his cousin, coz his mom can buy another, lototele PN,..or just do the le kea and get it off the boy! manuia le weekend suga

  2. Oka! Kalofa e! When you see your husbands' nephew just say to him, "Pekelo (made up name), where did you get that hat from?" If he says he bought it, ask him, "where and how much". Or say, "did your mom buy you that hat?" The reply will tell you whether he's lieing or not. Then you go for the kill, "Is that (your son)'s hat?" "don't lie to me boy!"

    Okay...sorry maybe i'm going too far. That's my Detention Home (my old work place) interrogation. It actually works with the youth I come across. LOL

    Good luck PN! :)

  3. Oh goodness. lol. I particularly like the part at the end - "I hope he gets nits and his balls fall off!".

    I know what you mean, I've seen a few of those styled caps (in stores) and they're fairly expensive.

    ^ LOL at @iTah's style of interrogation. I bet it worked!.

  4. Thank you ladies :)

    Goddess...yes I am managing to have a good laugh at this post a le aka e valea ai lo'u ulu hahaha!! Love the 'le kea' style, but my palagi style makes me too pala ai for that hahahah!!

    @it@h, nah you aren't going too far, that would be the right thing to do aye and if there was any chance I see him in the near future I might just be able to spark up the courage to do's what I told Mr 13 to do...but he says he 'can't do that mum...' So too bad...he can go without then, cos I sure as heck am not buying another one :) This first year at highschool has taught him some really sad lessons unfortunately about how cruel and 'ghetto' lol, some kids can be., yes I had a good vent in this post!! a couple of days later now, and ua uma lo'u ika hahaha - still NOT gonna buy him another one though...he can save and buy his own if he wants one!!

    Hope you are all having lovely weekends ladies :)