Thursday, November 10, 2011

I love FREEBIES!!! I hate LOST shoes!!

about a month ago a friend sent me a link to a website promoting Family Health...I filled out the details and forgot all about it.  Then this morning, the courier turns up with...

And inside the box...
 Full sized cleaning spray, sugar free lollies and a small bottle (travel size) hand sanitizer lotion.  Single serve of cereal YUM couple of vouchers for discounts off various baby products...great start to my morning indeed ruined by teenage son realising this morning that he left his school shoes at waka ama training yesterday *deep breath*!

All the kids have gone to school breaths a sigh of relief! I just got back from dropping miss 16 off to the bus stop.  She has the first of her NCEA exams this afternoon - English.  Have wished her well...and given her the pep-talk lol.  She passed NCEA level 1 last year with merit, so we expect the same if not better this time around for level 2 so no pressure love, I believe in YOU!!
Seriously though...she's an angel and the perfect daughter/student compared to me at her age hahaha.  I'm sure karma will hit me in the arse with Miss 10 though..heck mr 13 is already sending some my way with all the things he's putting me through lately *sigh*

Did I tell you about mr 13 and Guy Fawkes?  No I didn't did I...sit back and relax, I'll try and keep it short lol.

So, Mr 13 is a very inquisitive child - always has been.  Loves to know how things work every since he's known how to hold a screw driver, he's managed to take a lot of things apart...putting them back together is another thing! 

Guy Fawkes is one of his most favourite times of the year.  It used to be cos he just loved lighting them, standing back and watching them explode into glorious colours and though, it's not enough.

Nope...for the past couple of years he's been buying them and dismantling them and making them up again...this year though with the help of bloody youtube!! I must admit, he has re-made some pretty spectacular ones!  BUT...a few days ago, while I stood in my kitchen holding the baby...preparing diner..I HEARD an almighty explosion and FELT the vibration through my feet!! from the back of our house followed by the smell of gunpowder!

I ran as fast as I could through the house, where I also met up with miss 16 who was also running out to the backyard to see what was going on!

We have a small backyard, but when we got there there was no Mr 13 - just a huge puff of white smoke!!

I yelled son's name...once...twice...third time lucky I get a reply from around the other side of the house "Yes mum?"

Me "What the HELL did you let off this time??"
Son (pops his head around from the corner of the house "Ummm...just my fireworks..."
Next door neighbour (pops their head from over the fence) "He did the same thing yesterday - and both times whatever the hell it is has smashed into the side of my house!"
Me "Oh my did this yesterday too??"

anyway...blah blah blah...I look at neighbour...apologise, make mr 13 give a full apology, the kind where he promises never to do it again (yeah right - I remember giving those apologies to my mum a few times too...this is payback!)  I take son into the house and proceed to tell him that it's great that he's interested in how things work, and that he is clever enough to make his own BUT enough IS enough!!  He's gone too far now with his BOMB making - cos that's basically what it is!  He's either gonna blow a hole in someones house or worse blow himself up!! are a couple of pics that I took while driving lol from my 'hood' this morning, when I went to drop miss 16 off at the bus stop: as you can see it's a miserable day out there.  I'm hoping to get out with baby today, just wanting to go to the local fabric store and see what I 'NEED'.  Did I tell you about my addiction to buying fabric??  Ia, I'll save it for another day lol.


  1. Nice post Pusi nofo.

    Oh my, your son sounds like my brother. He was the same growing up. Must have given you such a fright to hear that loud noise, especially seeing as your young fella is so 'hands on'. Hopefully that will be the end of it.

    :) Oh and i love freebies too. A while back I did the same thing, sat on the computer and filled out forms and got my little freebie stash in the mail!. LOL. That reminds me, I haven't done that in the while....

  2. I live in hope that this is the end of it too...something tells me it's only the begining!! lol.