Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm on a roll - not enough hours in the day!!

Lil miss 6mths is so clever!  Her latest 'thing' is to spit and blow raspberries blimmin near ALL the time - even when I am feeding her, I am almost starting to think I need to wear a pair of overalls to feed her lol.  If she's not doing that then she is sucking on her lower lip...haven't got a clue how to effectively stop her doing either of these things *sigh*  She'll just have to grow out of it. 

Here she is mid-way through a raspberry!!
Anyway as a result she is REALLY dribbing now (plus the reflux!)! See..

  And yanno how I had trouble finding good quality baby bibs, and decided to make some...well I've started selling them :)

Honestly, they are way better than any bib I can find in a shop atm.  They are soft and super absorbent and if you give a hoot - they actually LOOK really neat on!

The ladies I have sold them to so far are really happy and have gone on to buy even suggested I try selling them on FB - now I am NOT a fb freak...don't know my way around it enough to save myself, so I got Miss 16 to help me out...and I now have a FB to promote my goodies...bit of a joke really as I would really have a clue how to promote it and get people looking at it yet hahaha!! But I'll get there - I'm sure. 

At the moment there are not nearly enough hours in the day!  My creative juices are flowing, I lay awake at night thinking of what else I can sew/make/create to sell...I spend any moment I can browsing the Internet (with baby bouncing on my lap lol) looking for ideas!!

Anyway...apart from the bibs I am making these really cute travel pouches that carry two disposable nappies and a travel pack of wet wipes AND look GOOD!!

In the pipeline I am just working perfecting the sizing for a 'Bib with Sleeves' will be so handy for when baby is starting to feed herself in a month or two, cos we all know what a mess that can be!! 

 And as you can tell by the photos, I have invested in a Snap Press machine (no more Velcro) - it's my fav toy atm and I always find myself thinking what else I can use it for oh how exciting my life is lol  I have already had to lay down the law on Mr 13, the bugger lol.  He thinks it's a hoot to put snaps on various items laying around - like my tea towels!!

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