Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The garden...

About 2 weeks ago (can't quite remember) we made a start on our vege garden.  We always start late, with promises that NEXT year we'll start earlier...never happens.

Our SMALL vege plot is just that - small (approx 1m x 2m).  But you'd be surprised how much you can actually grow in such a small space - and!! IF we actually knew what we were doing, I'm sure we'd do even better LOL.

Anyway, here are some progress pics...

2 weeks ago, hubby had already gotten rid of most of the weeds from out small raised garden by the time I found the camera :)

I finally got around to planting a few seedlings out a couple of evenings ago.  These pics were taken this morning :)

 Not the best pics (thanks to mr 13's lack of interest in the subject!) and I suppose he's just not into being asked at 7am to come out and take photos lol.  We have Runner Beans, Spinach, Silverbeet, Pak Choy, Basil and Tomatoes.  I'd like to put some beetroot in too but you can't grow them close to will have to find another spot to put them in.

And this year Mr 9 and I are having another go at growing a watermelon!  Last we 'tried' and hello - ended up growing a cucumber instead - some bugger at the garden store must have changed the labels around!!  

This year, we HOPE that we are in fact growing watermelon (Sugar Baby variety), we are also having a go at growing a Rockmelon.  YUM.  We arent' going to let it sprawl though, I am going to build me a cheap bamboo frame and train it up that...I'll support the growing fruit in individual hammocks made out of Miss 16s old school stockings lol.  That is am idea I stumbled across on the will give that a go :)

See how small the seedlings are - I hope we haven't left it too late!!  They need a LONG growing season.  I've got a coke bottle cut in half over the two smaller Sugar Baby seedlings, to protect it from snails, birds, wind, sun...will remove it once they're much bigger :)

Now, about three weeks ago, I organised most of the pots and plants that I had stored over winter at the back and side of the house.  In one of the pots I put in rhubarb, and silverbeet.  In another I already had Mint growing, so I popped 3 Cos Lettuce plants in...and hello...the lettuce is ready for harvest and the silverbeet is not far off - perfect to add to miss 6mths home cooked meals :)  How easy is that??  Right by my back door :)


  1. Wow! She sews...and she grows her own food! :) So talented this lady! Looking good PS! :)

  2. Youre making me feel bad. Im looking out at my wasteland of a garden and feeling like i should get my lazy butt out there RIGHT NOW and plant things. Esp since i bought vegie seeds about 3 months ago. And gardening stuff. Which is rusting somewhere. You rock. I did gardens with my two older children and we grew so many cabbages that we hated the very sight of them. But now, that Im lazy, the younger 3 have no clue about gardens. I shall read your post several times and look covetously at your pics so i can get motivated!

  3. @it@h - thanks, the true bush girl in me is well and truly alive lol.
    Lani - I too bought seeds...then left things to the last minute and went out and bought seedlings! I'l' still use the seeds...eventually :) I bet your kids enjoyed youngers ones really love it - especially once it's all ready to be harvested! Good luck with the motivation to Garden - I read your blog to motivate myself that I CAN 'live my dream too' of starting a small business...damn hard work combining it all with motherhood and wife'dom' lol. I struggle with finding a balance/time and staying sane!! Darn near impossible! Gardening is VERY theraputic at those times when I'm ready to pull my hair out and drop F Bombs lol.

  4. argh! - i just posted an essay and it blimmin dissapeared, damn u google!

    anyway, well done, i wish you could pop over to fix our garden,'ll totally be doing ur grocery shopping in your backyard in im inspired!!!