Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year???

not in this house *sigh* and here is the reason why...Chicken Pox

Second thoughts - decided to blank out my poor darlings' eyes in this shot.

It actually started on Dec the 27th...last day of our family camp.  Mr 9 breaks out in spots...then a week later lil miss 8mths breaks out in spots...then a few days ago, miss 10 breaks out.  Then yesterday...my sister visiting from Samoa has a couple of spots *sigh*.

She was booked to go back to Samoa on Saturday - but I've had to cancel that.  First of all she'll be covered in spots - so no way in hell I'd let her go on the plane like that and secondly - she'd be eaten alive by the flies!!

It's been hard work looking after these kids!!  Baby has been pretty good considering!  The first 2-3 days she was VERY grizzly...I don't know how I coped, but I did.  The past day she has been 'ok'.  Still a little grizzly, but she'll sleep more than an hour in her own cot again...but I tell ya...the worst by far are the older kids!!

They are makagaga as hell!! and I'll just leave it at that lol They are being pampered and taken care of. I. AM. TIRED.

Also my monitor died on me a week ago.  Finally got around to replacing it yesterday.  Amazing what gets done around the house when there is no working PC!!

I'd love a laptop!!  Imagine all the blogging complaining on my blog I could do ;)

Anyway, kids are ok, healthy and happy otherwise...

WISHING everyone well...stay safe and keep blogging people - can't wait to catch up and see what everyone has been and is upto :)

Hmmm...after publishing the above...I thought I'd add a couple of pics of lil miss from just before her chicken pox...it's such an adorable age!! 

She has perfected her 'ta-ta' wave.  She'll do it randomly and on request :)  She has been crawling for a month now.  And is standing herself up on things then of course she falls down and usually starts crying :(.



  1. So sorry for your little darling! I remember well the suffering EVERYONE endures when baby in the house has chicken pox. Its awful when the kids are sick - i hope you're getting lots of rest yourself and pacing yourself as well. Cant have the mum falling apart next.
    I had four of my children get chickn pox at the same time when my two youngest were 1. It was a nightmare. Hang in there.

  2. Oh poor thing. Those spots look awful :( Well done to you for keeping it together and being a super trooper. Hope everyone starts recovering soon and you get some rest!

  3. kalofa e...youre totally due for a relaxing break, by yourself!lol...poor baby girl and her spotty spots! ah well, its over and done with for now (apparently, you can get it up to 3 times, contrary to that once theory)..oh sorry, im meant to be encouraging....hang in there...the spots will dissapear and the kids will move out in a coupla decades (: alofa atu

  4. Aww your poor babies! Wow I don't know how you handled all those kids w/ the pox. Mom of the year already and the year just started.

  5. Awwww.... Kalofa e. Sorry to hear about your polka dot troubles. :( Poor Baby, I hope it's gone soon! Well at least they are all getting it now, so that you won't have to deal with all of them being older and makagaga. Lol. Hang in there Mummy! You need a reward for being the super trooper! :) sounds like you could use a one day spa. =) Hope they're all better soon!

  6. Thanks ladies :)

    Lani, thank you for the 'pacing yourself' advice - that is something I always neglect to do!! and it usually leads to a very annoyed, irritated HUNGRY (lol) mother! So I've had that comment *pace yourself* playing over and over in my head all day as a very sencible reminder! You would have been in Samoa when your kids had chicken pox?? OMG - the thought of the flies in attack mode gives me the shivers!! Well done to you my friend!!

    Betty - don't they just look aweful!!?? YUCK huh?! Miss 10 is as badly affected too - I'mhoping the scaring won't be so bad :(

    Goddess - malo lava faafetai for your most encouraging post *I hear my mothers voice in your post* hahaha!! 3 times?? *fingers in both ears ~la la la la~ I can't hear you!!! lol.

    Reenie, this is just the worst *sigh* 3/5 kids sick at the same time with pox - oka oka e...they better remember my tireless care and love come Mother's Day hehehe ;)

    Aitah - lol@ polka dots!! yes...all 5 kids have had the pox now *phew* no more right?? (~la la la~ still can't hear Goddess lol)

  7. Hope you little bunch get better soon!.