Friday, January 13, 2012

Kidlets are healing *YAY* and a Trademe vent

Worst of the chicken poxs are over and out of the way :)  My lil sister who I was supposed to go back to Samoa this Saturday only ended up with about 10 spots which have dried up already bloody pa'u fefeu hahaha!!  So there goes $100 to cancel her bloody flight - up in the thin air - *sigh*  Will prolly look at booking her flight back for next Saturday...her (she is 12) and my mr 9 are ready to eat each other alive!

Right, so a few weeks ago I blogged about how much I luuuurved Trademe - well I am hating it at the moment!!  I've been ripped off!! I bought baby some clothes before Christmas, on the 18th of Dec, paid $10 just for postage - nothing has arrived, seller's TM account has been disabled.

I emailed them a few times to ask for postage details, tracking number etc...each time I got blunt replies.  Actually - in case ya'll have is a run down of the emails...

Me:25th DEC

Hi Lisa,
just wondering if you managed to send my items out yet?  Payment would have been showing on Tuesday in your account.  Nothing has arrived yet.  Can you please let me know what day the items were sent and the tracking number, had hoped to have had the items  by yesterdays mail as we are going away for a couple of weeks today.

HER: 25th Dec
"Everything has been sent"

ME: 29th Dec
"When was everything sent?  Should have arrived by now.  Can you at least email me the tracking number so I can try and locate the parcel.

Then she emailed me back asking for auction numbers and my address again...*sigh*

HER: 29th Dec
"I wills ort out and get back to you later i have a lot of clothes here that need to be sorted but i am sure yours was already sent."

She never did get back to I emailed her again.

ME: 9th Jan
"I still haven't received any of the baby items that I bought off you despite paying $10 just for postage after you said the items had already been packaged ready for postage.  I don't know what's going on, so can you just refund the $30 I paid please.  My account details are:


Thank you"

HER: 10th Jan
"Please send auction numbers so i can see if they ahve been posted i dont have any details and tm have temp suspened my account."

ME: 10th Jan
"If you scroll down you will see that I have already sent you the auction numbers and my address details and you have told me that there are items that have been sent and items that haven't been sent, though you didn't get back to me and tell if the items I paid for were amongst the things not sent yet. 

I appreciate that selling lots of things on Tm can get confusing but this is just dragging on and on and I'd just appreciate these trades finally being sorted and completed this week with either the goods sent out asap or my money refunded please so I can buy my baby  some clothes somewhere else.

Thank you"

HER: 10th Jan
"Hi there,

it's not a matter of having a lot of things on tm, I was diagnosed with cancer two months ago and it has knocked me around the last month and my husband has no idea about tm ect other wise they would have been done and sent ages ago so now i am trying to figurer out who paid and what was sent, Also my account has been suspended as police are investigating as my partner bought me a 1200 dollar iphone for when i was in hospital and the wanker took our money and never sent the phone.
I have you items in  the post on fast post.

So sorry for the mix up.

Sorry to hear about what you have been going through.
Mail man has been and gone and parcel still has not turned up.  Fast post def should have had it here by now if sent on Tuesday.
Can you email me the tracking number so I can call NZ Post and track this parcel.
Thank you"

"Was not track n trace was normal fastpost"

"If it doesn't turn up by Saturdays post then you need to refund my $30.00 I paid please.  My account details are:


I have been more than patient with this trade.

As the seller, you can call NZ Post and file a missing parcel report - I can't do it as I didn't send it, I don't know any of the details, time place etc.  They will reimburse you."

"Um no they wont has it was not track n trace and as it states i dont take resonserbilty for lost items not tracked as u dont get ur money back so its a oss to the seller and the buyer, I know i sent it as i have my partner to say so as he was there."

"I have been selling on Tm for many years and know for a fact that you can make a claim with NZ Post on ANY item that goes missing in the post - regardless of tracking or not, if you cared enough to call them you'd find that out.

You win.  I hope you enjoyed spending my hard earned cash - what goes around comes around and you obviously needed it more than I did."

"U paid i sent if it hasnt turned up ring nz post it not my prob i done what i was ment to and sent it and ur hard earned cash means shit to me i have more to wprry about than a lost parcel right now and i do know for a fact no matter if you make a claim 9 times out of 10 the parcel never gets found and the dont pay out for parcels that are not tracked so i have rung them so get your facts right if you wernt so rude i might have cared a bit more but right now my sick daughter needs me more.
Have a good night"

"If I wasn't so rude?  I have been nothing but patient to put up with excuse after excuse from you.  It's obvious from your emails right from the start  that you have never given a shit.  I hope at the very least you bought your daughter something nice with my money - see as a gift from mine :)

As for replying to my have better things to do, so don't bother."

Ia ga...that's the story.  Honestly, I know it's 'only' $30 - but that's not the point aye.  99% of the time I do love Trademe.  It's just the once in a blue moon you end up having to deal with tossers like this *sigh*

I have blocked her from my email.  She honestly pisses me off - how the hell I managed to tolerate her crap and remain as polite as I did I don't know!



  1. oh my word and are a saint. Aga o a'u, my slightly stronger language may have her head rolling. You were extremely patient and such a good sport about her excuses. Karma's a pain in the butt and it will come around. I was just thinking, her account is probably suspended because of complaints from people who have gone through the same thing as you rather than a phone her partner bought. What a plardy cow even if she is going through cancer, there's no need to be a jerk about it and 30.00 is bread, milk, eggs for the family so yeah it's enough to get peeved about :) ia malo a le onosa'i sass. At least the kiddies are getting better yay! ;)

  2. I doubt she has cancer - and who the hell pays $1200 for a phone - off TM of all places...e pepelo. But are much better - life goes on, learn and live I say :)