Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nawwww...riding in the back of a pick up (in Samoa)

It's Illegal 
who doesn't LOVE to do that - as a child at least?? lol.

That's something my kids look forward to when they think of Samoa.  So today I read in the Samoan Observer that it's illegal :(  Boo Hoo.  Has it always been illegal and the police have never bothered to police it?  Or is it a new thing?

Too many chiefs, no Indians?

I think so.  
Bit of a joke really.  
My cousins had matai titles given out on their mothers side last year. (I'm related to their dad).  Anyway, their mother was the only person alive who held this high chief title.  So it was time to pass it on.  She didn't only give the title to one of her daughters, she also gave the same title to her son.  And it didn't stop there.  The title was also given to 6 other direct nephews and nieces (some of them were brothers and sister too!!). 

So out of a possible 15 first cousins, 8 of them were given this Ali'i title.  Not to mention how many 'second' cousins got the same title.

I am no expert in this area...far from it!!   But I know enough to know that this is just ridiculous!!  Who is going to serve who?  And to make it worse imo, Half of them couldn't speak Samoan to save themselves.  Most of them wouldn't have a clue what holding such a high title involves and they sure as hell won't be contributing to anything they should be.  So what exactly is the point??

Girl Power!! 
I agree!!  Samoa needs more women in parliament.  Women or people at least!! who give a shite about the little people!  Enough of Tuilaepa and his Merry Men!! 

What a mess!
Good luck to sorting this one out *sigh*  Sad for the family involved.  I hope they can prove what they are claiming.  Otherwise...kailo :(



  1. I have a feeling it has to do with the accident involving the Samoa Rugby A team from last week :( Riding on the back of the truck is the only way some families fit in a car...I don't know if it's always been illegal but just like your kiddies, it's what I look forward to as well lol but you know what? I'm going to break the rules when I go home in May and blame ignorance bwahaha then I'll let you know if hubby had to bail my bum out of jail ;)

  2. LMFAO we may be sitting in the jail cell together - I am also planning to take the kids over in May/June - if finances allow that is!!

  3. yay :) maybe we can have a cheeky meet up...out of jail haha

  4. May???? Wait for me guys, I might be there in May too! Lol. I plan on riding around the beautiful Samoa behind a pick up truck too!

    Random memory.... This past August I was there and got my thrills of driving on the wrong side of the road (because we American think we're right all the time). I past one of Samoa's Finest (PO) and he was trying to flag me down. I drove by slowly ( I was in a rush/ late for the fono), stuck my head out of the drivers window and told him, "se'i o'u alu o'u toe fo'i mai ai". Lol. I mean c'mon, he can't run after me right? I know...I'm a bad visitor! In my defense, I did come back, but it was a different PO. Lol. So you see, I'd be right there, right alongside you ladies! Lol.

  5. yeah, ...banning riding on the piki rude!!