Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tree or not to tree?

That's what I've been asking my self for almost a month. 

I read Goddess's post about parents making an effort at Christmas time and creating their kids Christmas memories.  I was inspired more a case of the guilts I think hahaha and swore that as soon as the kids were home from school, the tree would go UP.

But they came home, and the tree never went up. maybe I was side tracked by the usual chaos that happens in this house like clockwork between 4-8pm or maybe I was just super lazy?

Since school has been out, the middle two (9 and 10yrs) have been at the inlaws place so I haven't had to think to much about it.

I picked them up yesterday and as soon as we got home, I got the decorations down from the cupboard, and the tree (fake cos I can't be bothered with the cleanup that comes with having a real one - and the decorations never seem to stay on 'just right' out from storage.  I rounded up the kids and told miss 16 to help the younger two put the tree up.  I didn't want to have any part of it after reading Lani's post about Christmas decorating when she was growing up...because I am that controlling mother...who would have told them where to put each ball, each bead, each tinsel hahaha!!!  SO I BACKED OFF :)

Mr 9 took off down the road to his mates house, mr 13 was too busy doing his own thing, so it was just left to miss 16 and miss 10 and my 12yr old sister, who is here from Samoa on Holiday and staying with us :)

They did a fabulous job!! The tree is up and looking lovely :)  Our house is way too small but we found a spot for it but there is no room to put the gifts underneath it lol. 

I'm pleased.  The little buggers can't complain now 10 yrs from now and say "Man, my mum didn't even bother putting a tree up!!" lol.

BTW - mr 9 came home...I'm sitting at the computer in the dining room.  I hear the vacuum turn on.  Then I hear it make a strange sound, as though it was being turned on and off quickly...turn around and can't see anyone but I see the Christmas tree minute mr 9 peers out from behind the couch and I ask him what the hell he's doing...with the cheekiest look ever on his face and cracks up and says "Look how many Christmas balls I can get off the tree with the vacuum!"  I snap.  "OMG!  Turn the vacuum off!  If you even break one of those balls I'm gonna break your ball!"  He thinks that hilarious but takes the warning seriously and turns off the vacuum and places each ball back on the tree ever so gently lol.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone...and happy living :)


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Sounds like the festive atmosphere has arrived in abundance in your household. :)

  2. Happy New Year PN, hope u had a great time with your loved ones and many more moments to blog about, heh.

  3. Thank you so much ladies!! All the best to you both :)