Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grrr @ hubby!

We have finally bit the bullet and bought a van to cart the tribe around in, after spending my younger days swearing black and blue there was no way in hell I'd even buy a van!!  So we bought one.  And I. LOVE. IT.  It's my new big baby - miss 16 and mr 13 are NOT impressed and are saying they will not be caught dead in it - fine WALK YOU BUGGERS!!! *evil laugh*  Mr 9 thinks it's AWESOME and is very excited hahaha....miss 10 couldn't careless.

So anyway, we bought it off Trademe - awesome price.and now we are well and truly BROKE!!  But it means we'll be able to go out together in ONE car as a family *yay*.  Doesn't take much to excite me anymore obvisouly hehehe.

Anyway...the 'grrr hubby' part comes in here...because we bought it off TM secondhand, off a young guy, the interior was disgusting!!  GROTTY and GRUBBY!  So much so that I did not want any of the kids to touch the seats until it was cleaned.

I weighed up the cost of cleaning it myself by hiring a Rug Doctor...but it would have worked out only slightly cheaper than getting it done professionally..and so I did.  BEST money I have ever spent - the seats look practically NEW again - I am not exaggerating. And now hubby tells me that he will be using the van on Friday to take who ever can fit in it, to their works' fishing trip!!  Are you farking kidding me??  I just paid good money to clean the damn interior just to have grown men, all stinking and fish smelling sit in it with their fishing gear??!!  I am sooo pissed off!

I am sooo annoyed.  What a bloody 'save the world' kinda guy!  I have told him that if I get my van back and I can smell even one single fish ball I will NOT BE HAPPY and he will NOT have a Merry Christmas.

Overly dramatic - maybe - do I care?  No.  

Who knew I would be so protective of a bloody Van hahahaha - I must be getting O L D!


  1. hahhaha - i am picturing a group of grown men spraying air fresheners in your new ride just to avoid the wrath of need to get me one of those!

  2. lol - would it be too obvious if I placed a spray on each seat? hehehe.

  3. LOL one single fish ball bwahahaha so what's the verdict, was it a good or bad Christmas for hubby? :-)

  4. Verdict is in (and very overdue - sorry hehe) GOOD :) Other than a couple of blades of grass (hahahaha!!) there wasn't even the sniff of a single fish ball :) Bestest Christmas day ever had by the family :)