Wednesday, August 24, 2011


To any NZ parents with primary school aged kids of pacific decent...PLEASE bookmark this following link for future reference :)

Endeavour Scholarship

The school my little ones attend seem to always have at least one student every year who is successful in their application for this scholarship award.  I hadn't even heard of this scholarship at the primary school my older two went to.

Anyway, I had also forgotten all about this until two weeks ago.  So in a last minute dash, I fished out the application forms that I had 'filed' away under a pile of crap on my computer desk and proceeded to fill out the form and do what needed to be done.  I was so late in applying that I didn't want to risk the application getting lost/delayed in the post, so I hand delivered my daughter's application on the close off date (8th August).  Typical Samoan lol. 

Anywhoo...application was received and we were sent a letter the following day telling us what time and day the exam would be.

So on the 17th of August, I took my daughter to St Cuthberts School.  All together there were 59 girls and only 4 scholarships being offered.  I told my daughter before the exam that it wasn't only a 'test' but it was a competition - she had to do her best to try and beat the other girls.   I had also stressed to her that she DOES NOT need this scholarship to be the best that she WILL BE!  She will be successful at any school she attends and that we will be there to support her any way we can :)

She went in to do the test.  She came out.

I asked her how it went, she said 'it was ok...'.  Hmmm...anyway, I'm extremely proud of her regardless of how she did in this test.

From the 59 girls only 10 will make the shortlist, who then go onto an interview in front of a panel might as well be applying for a job with Donald Trump!

SO now we wait...

And to be completely honest...I couldnt' give two hoots if she gets it or not.  She is the awesome bright girl she is already and will continue to grow and be all that she can be with or with out this $17K a year school.

 Oh and please, any parents out there NZ WIDE with boys or girls starting intermediate school in the next few years, please keep this scholarship in mind...I don't feel the schools are promoting it enough.

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