Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hubby's cousin passed away.

they work together.  Hubby is a night time supervisor at their workplace and finished work this morning at  around 6am.  By the time he got home, I was up getting things ready for the kids...he ate, we chatted.  He told me he'd be starting work a little later this evening as he had to cover his cousin who told him he wasn't feeling well and would prolly take the following shift off.  When his cousin told him he wasn't feeling well, hubby told him to 'Go home...' but the cousin insisted he'd stay on till his shift finished later this morning.

Hubby went to sleep - my kids went off to school...I sat down to waste my day away on the computer feed the baby...when the phone rang just after 9am.  My brother (who also works at the same place - in fact 80% of the workforce there are related, and my miss 16 just started her part time job there last Saturday!)  so yeah - my brother called and said to tell hubby that his cousin had just passed away at work.
What. The. Heck?

By the time I hung up and ran to the bedroom hubby was already on his cell phone cos another cousin had called to tell him...hubby was in shock...felt guilty cos he should have MADE his cousin go home when he said he wasn't feeling well. 
He's feeling bad that of all places to pass away.
He passed away at work.
On the job.

Hubby went to work.  I went and picked up MIL (who also works there!) and went to work with her.

The work had of course come to a standstill.  Tight-knit workers all standing around idle.  We went into the control room and there he was...his wife (yes - she works there too!) and his 20yr old son (yes he works there too!) and their 14yr old son standing around him, Shocked. Crying. Somehow existing.  I didn't know what to say...I felt like I was floating around in a dream.  There were around 5 other close family members in the room...I made a quiet exit back outside.

Unbelievable.  48yrs old.  Two young sons.  4 week old grand daughter. Wife. Elderly mother.  He's gone.  Just like that.  Gone.

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