Monday, July 30, 2012

The big

Who am I?  Where am I?  

This is me.  Here I am.

My PLUS SIZE Women's clothes I've been tell ya'll about...finally a link so you can check me out :) that's it.  That is me.  ia ua lava loa...poetry is NOT my strong point LMFAO

So it's not much...but it's enough to keep me busy :)  I do it all, pattern drafting/grading, cutting, sewing...and finally listing on Trademe.

At the moment I only sell on Trademe as I don't have enough time to sew the number of garments I'd need to sell else where.  I am also kept busy by the steady stream of customers who want items made in different colours/fabrics.

While I'm in Samoa, I hope to play around with an idea I have for a bolero/shrug - something to cover the ol' upper arms when ya wearing my tunics and strapless maxi dresses :)  I'll draft the pattern and grade it up in size while I'm in Samoa and when I get back I'll start making them up :)


  1. IN awe at your talent - wow! Just checked out your designs and wanted to say congratulations for taking that step...telling us about your gift and sharing your creativity with us. WE need more options for Plus-sized beauties, excited to see your designing dream becoming reality.

    1. THANK YOU Lani - thank you very much for your comment, really appreciate it :)

      I'm excited to have shared my link here via my blog...I may only have 11 followers lol, but it's a big step for me to 'come out' so to speak...I usually like to just potter along in my own little private world :) So this post has been a small step of many more to come :)